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AAV pl. AAVs – anomalous aerial vehicle; another term for a UFO SYN UAP, mystery airship

Abba – one of the many epithets of God [Hebrew “father”]

abductee – one who's been abducted by aliens SYN contactee, experiencer

abduction – usually against one's will, the experience of being taken aboard an alien spacecraft, which often entails an intrusive medical exam or rape

abiogenesis – relevant to discussions about extraterrestrials, the process by which life arises from non-organic and inanimate material, or in other words, “primordial soup” [Latin “from non-life”] SYN origin of life, spontaneous generation

abominable snowman – of pre-Buddhist mythology, a humanoid beast of the Himalayan Mts., said to grow to slightly above the height of a human, be covered in brown or red hair, have muscles, use a stone as a weapon and leave footprints in fresh snow; in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Sherpa people told Western explorers of the region about this creature which they respected and sometimes worshipped [coined by journalist Henry Newman, 1921] SYN yeti, migoi, meh-teh, michê, mirka, bun manchi, kang admi

abracadabra – a word of uncertain origin that is used as an incantation by magicians; it was historically engraved on amulets, called abraxas stones, which were thought to protect against disease and misfortune

Abraxas /uh-BRAK-sus/ alt. Abrasax, Abraxis – the name of a chimeric demon who brandishes a whip; the king of demons [Greek (the seven letters represent the first letter of each of the seven classical planets)] SYN Lucifer

abraxas stones – small talismans of various materials upon which were engraved all kinds of Greek names for the Jewish God (such as Iao, Sabaoth, Adonai, Eloai) and a representation of Him, usually as a human torso with a fowl's head and two ends of serpents for tails, with this figure bearing a shield; this shows the degree of the blending of Judaism with Greek and Roman paganism SYN abraxas gems, abrasax stones

Adonai /a-doh-NAI/ – Lord [Hebrew] SYN Elohim

aerial phenomena – anomalous activity in the sky, possibly in reference to a UFO SYN mystery lights

aeromancy /air-ROH-man-cee/ – the art of predicting the future by observing meteorological conditions and events such as clouds, wind, rainbows and auroras; one of the seven “forbidden arts” [Greek aér + manteia “air divination”] SYN aërology, aeriology, arologie

Aesir /EE-seer/ – the principal clan of the Norse gods

afterlife – another life of sorts after one has passed on from a carnal life on Earth

agathion /uh-GATH-ee-un/ – a spirit that takes the form of a human or animal and resides within a talisman, bottle or some other enclosed item [Greek “act of goodness”]

agnostic pl. agnostics – one who doesn't have a firm belief in any gods, and in a broader sense, anything of the paranormal realm SYN skeptic, doubter

ahool /uh-HOOL/ alt. athol pl. ahools – named for the call it makes, a large bat or small flying monkey that lives on the island of Java and has been sighted on and off since the 1920's; it may be related to PNG's ropen

Ahura Mazda – the god of Zoroastrianism [Avestan (Old Persian) “Wise Lord”]

ailuranthrope – similar but not as popular as the concept of a werewolf, a human that changes into some kind of feline with anthropomorphic traits retained to some degree, whether under the influence of a curse or by mental power or through witchcraft; any kind of mythical cat [Greek ailouros “cat”] SYN werecat, were-cat, cat shifter

alchemy – the medieval science of trying to transform base metals into gold (with the aid of a waxy substance called the Philosopher's Stone) and to mix a draught (called the Elixir of Life) that extends life indefinitely [Arabic “chemistry”]

alicorn – a winged unicorn; a cross between a unicorn and a pegasus; a Latin term used in alchemical books referring to the horn itself since their horns were believed to have magical powers [Italian alicorno] SYN pegacorn

alien – any creature originating from beyond Earth SYN extraterrestrial, E.T., grey

“Alien Autopsy” (1995) – a 17-minute black-and-white film showing an autopsy of an extraterrestrial being that was supposedly recovered from the 1947 Roswell crash site

Alien Mysteries (2013) – a Canadian documentary series detailing some well-known alien encounters, including that of Corina Saebels

“Alienstock” – in response to the “Storm Area 51” Facebook event, a rock concert/celebration of aliens that was hosted by the Little Al'Le'Inn in Rachel, NV on Sept. 20th, 2019

Allagash Waterway abduction – when four men, twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, with Charles Foltz and Charles Rak, were taken aboard a circular UFO during a camping trip on Aug. 20th, 1976 at Eagle Lake in ME

allotriophagy /A-lo-tree-OFF-uh-gee/ – regarding exorcisms, regurgitation of contents not normally found inside the stomach [Greek “foreign consumption”]

American Chirological Society – founded by Edgar de Valcourt-Vermont (Comte de St. Germain) in 1897, a society that advanced the study of the contours of the skull as it pertains to mental faculties and published material on such

Amityville Horror House – a murder house and the site of a famous haunting that terrorized the Lutz family; 112 Ocean Avenue, Babylon, NY

amorphous – used to describe paranormal phenomena, without shape; indistinct

An /ON/ – the ancient Sumerian sky-god; the progenitor of the Annunaki [Sumerian “sky”] SYN Anu, Father of the Gods

Ancient Aliens (2009-p) – an American documentary series which culls sparse evidence from archaeology and historical accounts and attempts to prove that aliens have played a major role in humankind's past

ancient alien theory – a theory which posits that extraterrestrials have visited Earth throughout history, helped the human race to advance in technology and possibly either sired children with them or altered their DNA in the hopes of producing superior children; a suggestion that biblical claims of angel visitations and demonic possessions were in fact alien in origin

Ancient Ram Inn – a hotel located in Gloucestershire, England which dates back to 1145 and bears evidence of witchcraft; said to be one of the most haunted places in England

Betty Andreasson (1937-p) – an abductee from South Ashburnham, MA whose abduction on Jan. 25th, 1967 is noteworthy because the aliens claimed to worship Jesus like her; her son came forward and said that she has delusions

angel – a celestial being who acts on behalf of God [Greek ággelos “messenger”] SYN cherub, intercessor

Angel of Death – a general term for a supernatural being of almost any religion that either brings about death or guides a dead soul to the next world exp. Abaddon, a destroying angel in Revelation; Azrael, the angel of death in Islam; Gabriel, the angel of death over kings and Michael, the good angel of death SYN Grim Reaper

angelology – the study of angels exp. “De Substantiis Separatis”

Animal X (1997, 2002, 2004) – created by Australia's Storyteller Productions, a TV series that usually featured three cryptids per half-hour episode; the exception was one show that exclusively covered the Skookum cast, which a joint expedition with the BFRO discovered near Mount Adams in Washington State

Annabelle – a Raggedy Ann doll said to be possessed by the spirit of a dead girl named Annabelle Higgins; it resides in a glass case at the Warrens' Occult Museum in Monroe, CT

Annales Laurissenses /uh-NAH-lays lore-ris-SEN-sis/ (9th cen. AD) – a manuscript that records a curious event and other miracles; in 776, the Saxons surrounded Sigiburg Castle and were intending to take it from the French when a number of “flaming shields” appeared overhead, frightening them away; most observers at the time interpreted these as angels while others, esp. now, interpret them as UFOs; the book is kept at the Abbey of Lorsch near Worms, Germany SYN Annales Laurissenses Minores, ALM, Kleine Lorscher Annalen, The Short Lorsch Chronicle of the Franks, The Lesser Annals of Lorsch

anniversary imprint – a special kind of residual haunting, manifesting around the same time every year, that usually plays out a tragic event

Annunaki /ON-noo-NAH-kee/ alt. Anunnaki, Anunaki – the seven gods of ancient Mesopotamia who decree the fate of humanity; a race of human-like beings that descended from the heavens to Earth, interbred with early humans and imparted us with advanced technology; according to Zecharia Sitchin, an extraterrestrial race who came to Earth from the planet Nibiru and enslaved the human race in order to mine gold [Sumerian “offspring of An”] SYN Anuna gods, Anunna, Annuna, ancient aliens, Watchers

The Annunciation With Saint Emidus (1486) – an altarpiece by Carlo Crivelli which artistically shows the Annunciation; a circular object in the sky pointing a beam of light onto the Virgin Mary is interpreted by some to be a UFO

anomalous – strange; contradictory SYN incongruous

anomaly – a peculiarity; something that conflicts with common experience [Greek anomalía “inequality”] SYN incongruity

Antichrist alt. Anti-Christ – one described in the First and Second Epistle of John as a future illustrious leader given his power by Satan who is a deceitful orator and who brings war against the Israelites and attempts to sit at the Third Temple as the world leader but is ultimately defeated by Jesus SYN Little Horn, Man of Sin, Lawless One

antichrist alt. anti-Christ – a world leader who's regarded as very evil; anyone who denies Jesus, according to 1 John 2:22 exp. Nero, Napoleon and Hitler were called antichrists [Greek antikhristos “against Christ”]

aos sí /AYS shee/ – a race of fairies in Irish and Scottish mythology; nature spirits that live underground and coexist with people invisibly, guard their abode fiercely and are appeased with offerings of baked goods and berries; when their territory is breached, they are said to kidnap or replace infants with changelings (a double) or otherwise cause mischief [Irish “people of the mounds”] SYN aes sídhe, daoine sídhe, daoine sìth, Sìth, “The Good Neighbors”, fair folk, faefolk

Apep /AY-pep/ – appearing in art as a snake or crocodile, the ancient Egyptian deity and personification of chaos and the leader of demons; since he does not appear in Egyptian creation myths and was borne of Ra's umbilical cord, he is understood as evil and the enemy of Ra SYN Apepi, Aapep, Apophis, Lord of Chaos, The Encircler of the World, The Enemy, Serpent of the Nile, Serpent of Rebirth, Evil Dragon, Evil Lizard

Aphrodite /AF-fro-DAI-tee/ – the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation; the daughter of Zeus and Dione; her Roman counterpart is Venus [Greek habrodíaitos “she who lives delicately”] SYN Cytherea, Cythereia, Lady of Cythera, Cypris, Lady of Cyprus, Ourania, Pandemos and many others

Apocalypse – a series of events foretold in The Holy Bible in which good permanently triumphs over evil SYN Armageddon

apocalypse – widespread destruction and chaos [Greek apokálypsis “revelation”] SYN cataclysm, catastrophe, holocaust, mayhem

Apollo – a god associated variously with music and poetry, truth and prophecy, the sun and the light, medicine and healing, warding off evil, plague and more; the son of Zeus and Leto [unknown] SYN Helios, Sol

apotropaic /a-poh-tro-PAY-ik/ pl. apotropaics (1) – as a noun, that which wards off evil exp. crucifixes, rosaries, wild roses, hawthorn, mustard seeds and garlic are apotropaics believed to deflect vampires

apotropaic /a-poh-tro-PAY-ik/ (2) – as an adjective, causing to ward off evil exp. burning sage and hanging up nazars around the house is said to be apotropaic [Greek apotrópaios “causing to turn away”]

apport – a physical object that materializes at will in the presence of a medium [Latin “thing brought forth”]

APRO (1952-1988) – a defunct UFO research group founded by Jim and Coral Lorenzen, which branched out and started MUFON SYN Aerial Phenomena Research Organization

Aquarius – the eleventh of the Zodiac signs, symbolized by waves

Ararat anomaly – a snow-covered object that sits on the western plateau of Mt. Ararat in Turkey and is proclaimed by many to be the remains of Noah's Ark

arcane – mysterious; esoteric [Latin arcanus “hidden, secret”]

archangel – an angel of importance exp. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel [Greek “chief angel”]

Area 51 – a nickname for a remote section of Nellis Air Force Base outside of Rachel, NV around which many UFO conspiracies are centered; CIA documents released in 2013 show that its purpose is for the development of experimental aircraft and weapons systems SYN Homey Airport, KXTA, Groom Lake, Dreamland, Paradise Ranch

Arecibo Message – a 3-minute-long radio message conveying basic information about humanity and Earth broadcasted and aimed at globular star cluster M13 in 1974 with the hope that extraterrestrials might receive and decipher it [named after the Arecibo telescope in PR from which it was sent]

Ares – the Greek god of war; the son of Zeus and Hera; his Roman counterpart is Mars [Greek ará “bane, ruin, curse”] SYN Enyalios

Aries – the first of the Zodiac signs, symbolized by a ram

Ark of the Covenant – a chest containing a pair of tablets etched with the Ten Commandments and Aaron's staff; a gilded box that was hauled only by the Levites of Moses's camp for the divine protection of the camp SYN Ark of the Testimony

Asmodeus /az-MUH-dee-uhs/ alt. Asmodai – the name of a demon in Jewish, Christian and Islamic mythology

asport – a physical object that a medium or spirit takes, transports to another location or makes disappear exp. the loss and reappearance of a key ring in a different place is sometimes blamed on ghosts (the key ring is the asport) [Latin “thing removed”]

asson /ASS-on/ – a rattle made from a dried-out gourd of a calabash vine and used in voodoo rituals SYN calabash rattle

astral projection – the ability of a person to leave their body at will and travel in spirit to anywhere and any dimension and then return to their body, usually during sleep

astrobiologist – one who theorizes about all aspects of alien life and intelligence SYN exobiologist, xenobiologist

astrobiology – the study of alien life SYN exobiology, xenobiology, evolutionary biology

astrology – the study of celestial arrangements and patterns as they pertain to personality and events on Earth

atheist – one who is sure that there are no gods/God and is usually not a believer of other paranormal phenomena [Greek “one without a god”] SYN nonbeliever, disbeliever, unbeliever

Athena alt. Athene – the Greek virgin goddess of wisdom, courage, strength, military strategy, law and justice, arts and other things; the daughter of Zeus (but of no mother); her Roman counterpart is Minerva SYN Polias, Poliouchos

Atlantis – a mythical island that is described in two of Plato's works, Timaeus and Critias; they are allegorical and teach about the destructive arrogance of nations, however, some readers believe the island to be real [Greek “island of Atlas”]

Atlas – a Greek god who was condemned to carry the world upon his shoulders after losing in the Battle of the Gods; the son of Iapetus and Clymene

augur /AH-ger/ pl. augures – a priest or official who interpreted the flight of birds in Ancient Rome; they were given much credibility – elections, commerce and battles were delayed until assurance was given that the gods were on their side [Latin aug- “to prosper”] SYN auspicium, auspex

augury /AH-ger-ree/ – in the Ancient Roman religion, the practice of interpreting omens based on the flight of birds [Latin aug- “to prosper”] SYN ornithomancy

aura pl. aurae – a colored emanation that mystics say surround every living thing and can only be discerned by certain people; the different colors and qualities of the aura are said to reveal certain traits about that person [Greek au- “air”]

Aurora, Texas UFO incident – on April 17th, 1897, a UFO crashed on a farm near Aurora, TX; witnesses claimed that there was one alien fatality and it was given a Christian burial at a local cemetery

automatic writing – the psychic ability of a writer to receive and pen messages from either a subconscious, spiritual or paranormal source exp. using a writing instrument during a trance or using a planchette in conjunction with a Ouija board are both considered automatic writing SYN psychography, spirit writing

autoscopy /ah-TOH-scuh-pee/ – seeing one's body at a distance as part of an astral projection, out-of-body experience or hallucination brought on by drugs or general anesthesia [Greek “self-watch”] SYN autoscopic phenomena, heautoscopy

The Avesta (antiquity) – a collection of religious texts, including hymns, which serves as the holy book of Zoroastrianism SYN The Holy Book of Parsis

Azazel alt. Azaz'el – the name of a demon in Jewish, Christian and Islamic mythology; according to “The Book of Enoch”, he was one of the leaders of the Watchers in the time before the Great Flood [Hebrew “scapegoat of God”] SYN Zazae'il


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