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Baal /BAH-uhl ; BAY-uhl/ alt. Ba'al – the Canaanite god of thunder and fertility; the generic name of a god whose worship infiltrated Jewish culture during King Ahab's reign [various Semitic languages “lord, owner, master”] SYN Bel, Belu, Belus, Dagon, Dagan

Baba Anujka /bah-bah ah-NOY-kah/ (1836/1838-1938) – an alleged alchemist and healer and convicted serial killer who sold arsenic-laced “love potions” to abused and disgruntled wives who would put it in their husband's food or drink so that they'd die about eight days later; for the crime of poisoning at least 50 people, she was taken to prison at age 90 and released at age 98, whereupon she returned to her home in Vladimirovac, Serbia AKA Ana Drakšin, Ana di Pištonja, Anujka de Poshtonja, Anuica di Piștonea, Anyuka Dee, Little Mother Anjuschka, Banat Witch, Witch of Vladimirovac

Baba Vanga (1911-1996) – a blind Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist AKA Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova, Vangelia Gushterova, Grandmother Vanga

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery – a cemetery in Bremen Township, IL known for its many paranormal oddities – mostly the Lady in White but also the farmer ghost and his plow-horse, the two-headed ghost, wandering monks, floating orbs above tombstones, phantom vehicles, the phantom farmhouse and the spectral black dog; the site where a famous photograph showing a semi-transparent lady sitting on a grave was taken SYN Batchelder's Grove, Everden Cemetery, Everdon Cemetery

Zak Bagans (1977-p) – the host of Ghost Adventures, Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, Paranormal Challenge and Deadly Possessions; the owner of Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas AKA Zachary Alexander Bagans

Bahá'ism /buh-HAH∙izm/ alt. Bahá'í Faith – founded in 1863 by Baha'ullah, an Iranian religion that teaches the oneness of humanity; its canonical writings include Kitaab-i-Aqdas, Kitaab-i-Íqán, Some Answered Questions, The Dawn-Breakers and Gems of Divine Mysteries [bahá “glory, splendor”]

banshee – a wailing female spirit in Irish mythology whose presence signals the imminent death of a loved one [Irish baintsíde “woman of the fairy mound”] SYN bean chaointe, bean nighe

Baleroy Mansion – a 32-room estate located in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia that is supposedly haunted by various kinds of paranormal entities

The Baptism of Christ (1710) – a hazy painting by Aert de Gelder which shows John baptizing Christ in the Jordan R. as a metallic disc above them points light beams down and illuminates them; it hangs at the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge

bardo /bar-doh/ – in Tibetan Buddhism, an astral state of existence between death and reincarnation [Tibetan “intermediate state”] SYN antarabhava

Basano Vase – a silver vessel dating from 15th century Italy said to bring death upon whoever owns it; its whereabouts are unknown but it's rumored to have been buried in an ancient cemetery

batsquatch – a large winged primate, similar to an ahool, that was sighted flying around Mount St. Helens in the 1980's; the American version of an orang bati [bat + sasquatch]

Battle of Los Angeles – an alarm and anti-aircraft attack levied upon an unidentified metallic disc that hovered over the beach from the night of Feb. 24th, 1942 into the early hours of Feb. 25th SYN Great Los Angeles Air Raid

Bear Lake Monster – a hoax perpetrated by Mormon colonizer Joseph C. Rich, who published articles about a 50-foot-long lizard monster seen near Bear Lake (Utah-Idaho border)

Beast of Bray Road – either a bigfoot or dogman first reported in 1936 outside Elkhorn, WI and then seen in rapid succession from the late 1980's into the early 1990's SYN Bray Road Beast

Beast of Dartmoor – a large black predatory cat reported from time to time since 1988 to be roaming the hills of Devon, England; the implementation of the 1976 Dangerous Animals Act may explain the appearance of big cats in England because animal owners either couldn't qualify or afford the license so they simply released them SYN Dartmoor Beast, Dartmoor Lion, Beast of Longaford

Beasts of Gévaudan /beests uhv ZHAY-vor-dahn/ – bulky ruddy-colored man-eating wolves that terrorized the French of the former province of Gévaudan between 1764 and 1767; the Kingdom of France put a lot of money and effort into hunting down these creatures; they were not claimed to be werewolves but they did have influence over werewolf lore – the idea that werewolves can be killed with a silver bullet comes directly from a claim by Jean Chastel in 1767 that he killed one of these beasts with a bullet he forged of silver SYN Las Bêtes du Gévaudan, Las Bèstias de Gavaudan

Beelzebub /BAHL-zay-bub ; BAYL-zay-bub/ alt. Beelzebul, Beelzeboul – the name of a Philistine god; it was later associated with a demon and the Devil himself in Abrahamic religions [Ugaritic Ba'al Zebub “Lord of the Flies”] SYN Baalzebub, Baal Muian, Satan, Lucifer

behemoth /buh-HEE-muth/ – a huge or monstrous creature; a beast described in Job 40:15-24 that is generally thought of as either a mythological creature, some kind of sauropod or a modern animal such as an elephant, rhinoceros or hippopotamus

Bell Witch – an invisible entity that from 1817 to 1821 terrorized the Bell Family of Adams, TN SYN Kate, Old Kate Batts' Witch

Beltaine /BELL-tayn/ alt. Beltane, Beltine – a Wiccan holiday celebrated on either April 30th or May 1st in the N. hemisphere [Celtic “bright fire”] SYN Lá Bealtaine, May Day

Berhantu Mosque /bear-HAHN-too mahsk/ – an abandoned mosque in Tanjung Karang, Malaysia that is haunted by a vampiric ghost the natives call a “kuntilanak”; featured in Josh Gates's Destination Truth, Ep. #207

Bermuda Triangle – an artificial triangle on the map, marked by nodes at Miami, San Juan, PR and Bermuda, where many boats and planes have mysteriously vanished; the causes are popularly attributed to diverse paranormal activity, such as time slips, but many claim undiscovered natural forces, such as magnetic disturbances, and also drug-runners on the high seas and statistical falsehoods SYN Devil's Triangle

berry picking – an innocuous activity but one that's associated with increased odds of paranormal phenomena exp. many people sight bigfeet, little people and fairies while berry picking; also, many stories of missing people from the book series Missing 411 start with berry picking

bestiary – an illustrated treatise of real and mythological creatures, esp. in medieval times exp. The Ashmole Bestiary, Gart der Gesundheit, Physiologus SYN bestiarum vocabulum

bewitch – to cast a spell over somebody [English be- “thoroughly” + witch] SYN enchant, spellbind

BFRO (f. 1995) – composed of specialists, the largest and most credible group to study the bigfoot phenomenon; their website keeps a database of bigfoot sightings SYN Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

“The Bhagavad Gita” /thuh buh-GAH-vahd GEE-tah/ – a 700-verse section of the Hindi epic Mahabharata (Chapters 23-40 of the 6th book); an allegorical dialogue between Prince Arjuna and Lord Krishna which covers a slew of Hindi concepts [Sanskrit “The Song of the Lord”] SYN “The Gita”

bhoot /poot/ alt. bhut, bhuta, buta – in India, a shape-shifting floating ghost that is restless due to either a violent death, having unfinished business or an improper funeral; they may appear as any animal but when they appear as human, their feet are turned backwards, they dress completely in white and they speak in a nasally voice; bhoots fear dirt, water, steel, iron objects, burnt turmeric and the iteration of a deity's name [Sanskrit “a being of the past”]

bigfoot pl. bigfeet, bigfoots – any kind of hairy, bipedal ape-like creature that stands from six to nine feet tall SYN sasquatch, yeti, orang pendak, booger, grassman, skunk ape, yowie, yeren and many others

Big Muddy Monster – a dark-colored mud-caked 8-foot-tall shrieking bigfoot that terrorized residents living near the Big Muddy R. of Southwestern IL in the summer of 1973 and occasionally terrorizes people today SYN Murphysboro Mud Monster

billet reading – when a question is discretely written on a slip of paper, sealed inside an envelope and handed to a psychic and that psychic then attempts to answer the question without opening the envelope

Bill Birnes (1944-p) – a ufologist who made appearances on UFO Files, Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters; the former publisher of UFO Magazine AKA William J. Birnes

Doris Bither (1941-1999) – a woman who claimed in 1974 that she was raped by the ghosts of three men in her Culver City, CA home; her story was investigated by parapsychologists Barry Taff, Kerry Gaynor and Thelma Moss; it was revealed many years later by her four children that Ms. Bither had been kicked out of her parent's home when she was a teenager, toyed with Ouija boards and used drugs and alcohol and that may be why she'd experienced some paranormal activity before moving to the house on Braddock Drive

Björketorp Runestone /b-YORK-kuh-torp ROON-stone/ – a stone set in an ancient cemetery in Blekinge, Sweden which bears an inscription in Proto-Norse promising to curse anybody who disturbs it

Lyle Blackburn (1966-p) – an American cryptozoologist; the author of The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster (2012), Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster (2013) and Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch (2017) AKA Robert Lyle Steadham

black-eyed kids – small, child-like beings with solid, black eyes that approach people, usually in the evenings, and attempt to gain access to homes by asking for help; most are described as having “plastic” skin, wearing a hoodie, speaking in an unnatural voice and instilling fear in the approached SYN BEKs

black magic – magic done for a nefarious purpose SYN black arts, dark arts

Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) – a Russian occultist; the Co-Founder of the Theosophical Society

blood moon – a total lunar eclipse that appears reddish due to dust and particles in Earth's atmosphere; they are prophetically significant (according to Genesis 1:14) and are of particular interest to the world when they appear as part of a tetrad (a set of four with no intervening normal eclipses) that coincides with Jewish holidays; the moon will also turn blood red in the prophesied end times (Revelation 6:12; Joel 2:31)

Bloody Mary – an image of Mary, the first queen regnant of England and Ireland, and a vision of the future which appear in one's mirror if a certain ritual is performed exp. turning off the bathroom lights, holding a lit candle and saying her name three times

Blue Lady – the ghost of a woman in a blue dress seen at the Moss Beach Distillery Café in Moss Beach, CA; the legend goes that during Prohibition, the woman was having an affair and frequently met her lover at the café and later, when her husband found out, he stabbed her there on the beach; featured in Unsolved Mysteries, Ep. #132 SYN Lady in Blue

bodhisattva /BOO-dee-SAHT-vah/ – in Mahayana Buddhism, a person who is able to attain nirvana but delays it to help ease others' suffering [Sanskrit bodhi “enlightenment” + sattva “essence”] SYN phothisat, bosatsu, bồ tát, chang chub sems dpa

Bodie State Historical Park – a gold-mining community in Mono County, CA that boomed in 1876, now a ghost town with daily tours; anybody who takes a souvenir from the area, such as a rock, will be cursed, so the legend goes

bogey /BO-gee/ pl. bogeys (1) – an entity, usually a masculine shadowy figure, that frightens children at bedtime [German bögge] SYN bogeyman

bogey /BO-gee/ (2) – an unidentified aircraft SYN UFO

bokor /BOH-core/ alt. bocor – in Haitian voodoo, a male priest; the leader of the Makaya division of Vodou (in the Congo) SYN houngan

Sylvia Browne (1936-2013) – a psychic medium who made regular appearances on The Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live; she was controversial because of her many false readings, esp. those involving missing persons, particularly Shawn Hornbeck and Amanda Berry, and because of investment fraud and grand theft charges in the 90's AKA Sylvia Celeste Shoemaker, Sylvia Celeste Browne

Brown Mountain Lights – a series of ghostly lights that are frequently seen on Brown Mt., just outside of Linville Falls, NC, which defy all explanations investigated so far

“bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...” – a frequent misquote from Shakespeare's MacBeth, Act 4, Scene 1; the actual lyrics of the three witches are “double, double toil and trouble...”

Buddha (c563/480-c483/400 BC) – an Indian prince and humble sage upon whose teachings Buddhism was founded; an emaciated wanderer who received enlightenment while sitting under the bodhi tree [various Indo-European languages budh “perception”] AKA Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Buddhism – a practice (some might say religion) which bases its beliefs on the premise that all who live suffer; a belief in reincarnation and self-discipline

Buddhist – one who practices Buddhism; a disciple of Buddha; a meditator

bunk bed – two beds joined one above the other; paranormally speaking, they commonly seem to be haunted or cursed

bunyip – a bloodthirsty creature of Australian Aboriginal mythology that makes its abode in swamps, billabongs (stagnant river waters), creeks, riverbeds and waterholes; descriptions vary widely and go from that of a giant starfish to something with a hippo's body and the head of a cougar [Wemba-Wemban “devil, evil spirit”] SYN kianpraty

Busby's Stoop Chair of Death – an oak chair that was allegedly cursed by the murderer Thomas Busby before his execution by hanging; currently hung on the wall at the Thirsk Museum to prevent more deaths SYN Dead Man's Chair

“Butterfly People” – an EF5 tornado tore through Joplin, MO on May 22nd, 2011, killing 158 people; afterwards, many children and some adults claimed that angel-like beings with colorful wings had surrounded them and protected them from the winds, esp. after prayer


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