Mystic Miscellany

Welcome to the largest paranormal dictionary on the web!

My name's Amy and I live in Arizona.

I created Mystic Miscellany in 2018 after I realized there weren't any paranormal glossaries of sufficient length and scope. Now I have the biggest one online. There's over 1,000 terms.

I did not go searching for the paranormal. It found me. I witnessed a UFO, got surprised by a shadow being, was terrorized by a demon and met my guardian angel on a few occasions. And if you'd told the younger me all of that would happen, I would've said that's impossible.

As a Messianic Jew, I have a certain world view that's non-negotiable. I believe evil can manifest itself in different ways and so that may explain why people report vampires, werewolves, ghosts, shadow beings and such. I know they're seeing something. I believe some people are more susceptible to the paranormal, the Holy Spirit is what empowers real psychics and black cats are creatures of God.

I don't believe that science can prove or disprove the paranormal. I'm not big on conspiracy theories but I understand their appeal.

I love puzzles, the desert, exotic foods and music, coffee and fancy dark chocolates, the Monkees, the color purple, history and documentaries with cute, fuzzy animals.