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Dagon /DAY-gun/ alt. Dagan – an ancient Mesopotamian god associated with fertility and agriculture; the national god of the Philistines; a fish-god [Ugaritic dgn “grain”]

damn – to curse; to condemn by God [Latin damnare “to pronounce judgment upon”] SYN hex

damnation – the act of cursing; being in Hell [Latin damnum “damage, loss, fine”] SYN punishment, castigation, malediction

dark arts – magic done for a nefarious purpose SYN black arts, black magic

Dark Forest Theory – a theory which posits that every alien civilization's priority is to survive and due to the great distances among them, it's impossible to communicate well and develop trust, therefore it's best not to establish communication in the first place or else the greater of the two civilizations might wipe out the lesser; this theory is one of several used to counter the apparent contradiction of Fermi's Paradox [The Dark Forest, a sci-fi novel by Liu Cixin]

dark tourism – traveling to a location with a morbid history exp. visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ground Zero in New York City and Alcatraz SYN black tourism, grief tourism, thanatourism, tanatotourism

Antonia d'Astonac – a Portuguese Carmelite who received a series of prayers from St. Michael; her private revelation and Chaplet of St. Michael were approved by Pope Pius IX in 1851

Peter Davenport – since 1994, the director of NUFORC; a frequent lecturer on UFOs and guest speaker on Coast to Coast AM and The Jeff Rense Program

Day of the Dead – a Mexican holiday and fall festival coinciding with Halloween and Allhallowtide celebrated by remembering late relatives, attending church, praying for loved ones, decorating tombstones, participating in parades and eating traditional food such as tamales, pan de muerto and calaveras SYN Día de los Muertos

Dead Fairy Hoax of 2007 – an April Fool's Day hoax in which a picture of a mummified body of a fairy was posted on Dan Baines's website with an explanation that it was found by a dog walker in Derbyshire

The Dead Files (2011-2018) – an American TV series in which retired NY detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan independently investigate haunted locations and the crimes that possibly took place there and then present their findings together to see if one corroborates the other

deathbed experience – when a person near death becomes aware of the presence of dead friends or relatives or even of God or his angels

deity /DAY-ih-tee/ pl. deities – a god or goddess; a supernatural being whose powers exceed those of mere mortals [Latin deitatem “divine nature”]

Delhi Purple Sapphire – an amethyst that was stolen from the sacred Temple of Indra, the Hindu god of weather and war, and has brought a curse of ill health and unlucky finances to all its owners

demigod alt. demi-god – the offspring of a god and a mortal; a minor deity exp. Gilgamesh, Arjuna, Orion, Helen of Troy [coined by Ovid, the Roman poet “half-god”]

demon alt. daemon – a lesser fallen angel who is under Satan; a devil [Greek daimon “spirit, divinity, god”]

demonologist – one who studies the Devil, demons and their nature; one who is adept at exorcisms or banishing evil spirits from properties

demonology – the study of the Devil and his demons

demonophobia alt. daemonophobia – the fear of demons

demon panthers – melanistic big cats seen in Southern IL by many witnesses over the years even though the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says they don't exist

“De Substantiis Separatis” (1269) – a treatise on angelology written by Thomas Aquinas

Deus /DAY-oos/ – a proper name of the Christian god; the evolved name of Dyeus, the main god of the Proto-Indo-European pantheon, which now applies to the Christian god [Latin “god, deity”] SYN Jehovah, Yahweh, El

deva /DAY-vuh/ pl. devas – any benevolent masculine Hindu god; a cognate of Greek's dios, meaning “divine” exp. Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Ganesha, Hanuman, Kartikeya, Narada [PIE deiwo “shiny, heavenly”] SYN sura

devi /DAY-vee/ pl. devis – any benevolent feminine Hindu god; a cognate of Greek's dios, meaning “divine” exp. Saraswati, Lakshmi, Ushas, Prithvi, Yami, Parvati, Kali [PIE deiwih “shiny, heavenly”] SYN devika

Devil – Satan himself; a former archangel who lost favor with Jehovah [Greek diábolos “slanderer, accuser”] SYN Lucifer, Lord of the Flies

devil – one of Satan's cohort SYN demon, fallen angel

devil dog – a voracious black dog of legend, usually depicted as having red eyes SYN demon dog, hellhound

Devil's Backbone – a highway loop in Texas that is haunted by Native Americans, Confederate soldiers, miners, white settlers and people who've died in car accidents

Devil's Highway – formerly known as U.S. Route 666, a stretch of highway in Eastern AZ connecting Springerville to Clifton that is said to host a variety of paranormal phenomena, including ghosts, phantom cars, skinwalkers and hellhounds; the 123-mile-long Highway 191 that has over 400 switchbacks SYN Satan's Highway, Highway to Hell

Devil's Lake Monster – a long-tentacled creature living in a freshwater lake northeast of Lincoln City, OR that has, according to legend, dragged many Siletz Indians from their canoes and drowned them; the 120-ft.-long river connecting it to the Pacific is the shortest river in the world SYN Lake Devil

“the Devil went dancing” – an urban legend of many variations, the overall motif being that a handsome man goes into a bar, asks an attractive young woman to dance, at some point she notices his feet, either chicken or goat's feet, and the man somehow leaves hastily [American Southwest]

diabolic /DAI-uh-BALL-ik/ alt. diabolical – evil; devilish [Greek diábolos “slanderer, accuser”] SYN satanic, demonic, infernal, wicked, unholy, nefarious, fiendish

Diana – the Roman goddess of the hunt, the moon, nature and childbirth; the daughter of Jupiter and Latona; the twin sister of Apollo [an Indo-European root word referring to the divine]

dibbuk box alt. dybbuk box – a wine cabinet that was put up for sale on eBay by Kevin Mannis, an antiques dealer, who claimed that it's haunted by a dybbuk and that it brought him and the original owners nightmares and ill health

dice test – a psychokinesis experiment in which a subject attempts to influence the roll of dice

Dictionnaire Infernal (1818) – a book of demonology written by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy that provides descriptions and illustrations of many specific demons SYN Infernal Dictionary

dimension – one aspect of the universe; there may be multiple dimensions overlayed upon one another or dimensions that exist elsewhere, joined side by side; some postulate that aliens and cryptids exist in another dimension and they come into ours by their own will

direct voice phenomenon – the experience of hearing audible but disembodied voices spoken to sitters at a séance or to investigators at a haunted house SYN DVP

disclosure laws – requirements in real estate law that a seller who is selling a property that is known to be haunted or the scene of a murder, suicide or murder/suicide must inform any potential buyers of this beforehand; generally speaking, only two states (NY and CA) have such laws but many others have partial stipulations or none at all

disembodied voice – a voice that is heard in the moment or captured through mechanical means that did not come from a physical being and can not be accounted for otherwise

divination – the act of seeing into one's future using magical means, such as reading tea leaves in the bottom of a cup; fortune-telling; scrying [Latin divinare “to foresee, to be inspired by a god”]

divine – of God; illustrious [Latin divinus] SYN godly, heavenly, holy, sacred, beatific

divus /dee-WOOS/ pl. divi – a deceased emperor that is voted for by the Senate to join the official pantheon of the Imperial Cult of Ancient Rome exp. Julius Caesar [Latin “god, divine”]

djinn alt. djin, jinn, jin – a group of genies who share a common malicious intent; more than one genie; those born of smokeless fire in pre-Adamic times; beings that are concealed from the senses [Semitic jnn “to hide, to conceal”] SYN genii, Jababirah

dogman pl. dogmen – an alternative word for a werewolf; a man that is also a dog at times SYN werewolf

doll – a representation of a human; there may have been very little difference between a child's toy and a religious icon in ancient times; some dolls are said to be cursed, haunted or possessed exp. Annabelle, Robert the Doll [“idol”] SYN effigy, simulacrum

doppelganger – an evil being that takes on the shape of its victim with the intent to eventually take over that person's life, similar to a tulpa or rakshasa [German doppelgänger “double-goer”]

double exposure – when the same frame of film is exposed twice – once to a figure and once usually to a landscape; important paranormally because many early ghost photographs were shown to be double exposures whether intentional or not

Dover Demon – an alien-like creature that was seen in Dover, MA on April 21st and April 22nd, 1977 by three teenagers and reported to police; they believed it to be a spring vacation hoax

dowsing rods – a Y-shaped branch from either hazel trees, witch-hazel, willow or peach which when walked over a vein of ground water, oil, ores or a gravesite will dip or shake; a set of metal L-shaped rods that spiritualists use to get yes/no answers from a present spirit by asking it to cross/uncross the rods; either act was condemned early on by the Church and Martin Luther; today it's understood by many to be a pseudoscience and the result of the diviner's ideomotor response [Germany] SYN divining rods, vining rods, witching rods, striking rods, virgulae divinae, baculi divinatorii

dragon – a mythological, fire-breathing creature with a mix of serpentine and avian traits; a mythological reptilian of either European or Asian origin [Greek drakon “dragon, serpent of huge size, water-snake”] SYN basilisk

Drake equation – created by Frank Drake in 1961 and presented at the first SETI meeting as a prompt for scientific inquiry, an equation that attempts to quantify the number of stable radio-communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way; N = R* X fp X ne X f1 X fi X fc X L

dryad /DRY-add/ – in Greek mythology, a nymph that inhabits oak trees; a friend of the goddess Artemis [Greek drys “oak”] SYN tree spirit, querquetulana

Duat /DOO-aht/ – the Egyptian landscape, somewhat like a Catholic's notion of purgatory, that one must cross successfully, with the help of priestly prayers, to get to the afterlife SYN underworld, netherworld

Dyatlov Pass – a mountain pass in the N. Ural Mts. (of Russia) where, between Feb. 1st and 2nd, 1959, a group of nine experienced hikers and university students were obviously spooked from the comfort of their tents and died under mysterious circumstances in the snow; an “unknown compelling force” was put as the cause of death; a lack of answers have led conspiracy theorists to blame the Russian government and even a bigfoot and aliens [named after the leader of the expedition, Igor Dyatlov] SYN Kholat Syakhl, Dead Mt. (referring to a lack of game)

dybbuk /DIH-bik/ alt. dibbuk pl. dybbuks, dibbuks, dybbukim, dibbukim – the restless and malicious spirit of a deceased person that haunts or even possesses a living person [Hebrew dbq “to adhere, to cling”]


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