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Gabriel – an archangel; one who appeared to Daniel to explain his visions (Daniel 8:15-26, 9:21-27) and to Zechariah and the Virgin Mary to explain the forthcoming pregnancies (Luke 1:11-38) [Hebrew “God is my strength”] SYN Gavri'el, Jibrail

Gaia /GAI-yah/ alt. Gaea – a primordial deity of Greece and the personification of Earth; the daughter of Chaos; her Roman counterparts are Terra and Tellus [Greek “land, earth”; it may also come from Avestan gaiia meaning “life”, in turn, coming from Hebrew Hawah (Eve) meaning “life”] SYN Mother Gaia, Gê, Gã, Maka

Gallus /GA-luhs/ – in Babylonian and Assyrian mythology, a class of devils that drags victims into the underworld to torture them [Akkadian gallu “demon”] SYN Gallas, gallu demons

Gandaberunda /GAHN-duh-beer-ROON-duh/ – in Hinduism, the personification of Lord Vishnu; a two-headed eagle symbolizing magical power and strength [Sanskrit “terrible”] SYN Berunda, Bheruṇḍa

gargoyle – in architecture, a carved grotesque with a spout placed on the corners of medieval churches and other buildings to draw rainwater away from the building's walls and mortar; from their first use at Laon Cathedral (c1200), they've been controversial although they were said to exemplify evil to an illiterate people or guard the church from evil spirits; legend says that St. Romanus delivered Rouen from a dragon named La Gargouille by slaying it and mounting its head for all to see on the wall of a new church [French gargouille “throat, gullet”]

Gemini /JIM-min-nai/ – the third of the Zodiac signs, symbolized by twins

genie /jee-nee/ pl. genies, genii, djin, djinn, jin, jinn – a shy and furtive trickster spirit that inhabits caves and secret places; unlike what Disney Co. has portrayed, genies traditionally do not grant wishes and instead can bring great harm to people; those who served in the Gulf War and Afghanistan sometimes have stories about having trouble with such a spirit after bringing home an enclosed souvenir, such as a hookah [Arabic jnn “concealed from the senses”] SYN djinni, jinni, jinnee

genius pl. genii – in Roman mythology, a divine being that would follow a person from birth to death or attach to a general thing [Latin “household guardian spirit”] SYN genius loci, genio

Ken Gerhard (1967-p) – a field researcher for the Centre for Fortean Zoology, the Pangea Institute and the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization; a guest speaker on such TV shows as MonsterQuest and Legend Hunters; the author of four books on cryptozoology

Gettysburg – the former Civil War battlefield in PA that's haunted by thousands of soldiers

ghost – the soul of a deceased person which lingers; a residing spirit that makes itself manifest to the living with which it shares space [German gaistaz] SYN phantom, apparition, specter, spectre, spook, shade, wraith

Ghost Adventures (2008-p) – an American investigative TV series that follows Zak Bagans (the primary host), Nick Groff (seasons 1-10), Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley around notoriously haunted locations, mostly in the States and the UK, but also some international locations; in addition to about 200 episodes, there are about 40 specials and a few spin-offs – Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, Paranormal Challenge and Deadly Possessions; the show is controversial for its lack of credibility and the use of personal drama and a “boy toy” image to garner the attention of adoring fans

The Ghost Club – a secretive research group founded in London in 1862 which remains one of the oldest of its kind; deceased members include Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and W.B. Yeats

Ghost Hunters (2004-2016) – an American reality TV show starring Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson (of T.A.P.S.) as they investigate haunted locations; its spin-offs are called Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy and Kindred Spirits

ghost hunting – either going alone or as a team into a haunted location and casually or scientifically attempting to experience ghostly activity; this can involve sophisticated equipment like video cameras, FLIR cameras, digital voice recorders, Ovilus devices, KII meters, REM pods, motion detectors, trigger objects and such

Ghost of Red Feather – the spirit of a young Navajo half-breed who threw herself from a cliff and now shows herself to campers in Haunted Canyon, AZ; she was named Red Feather due to her dark hair showing a trace of red

ghost sickness – in some Native American cultures, esp. among the Navajo, Muscogee and Plains Indians, an unhealthy obsession with all things dead as a result of unresolved grief/the influence of ghosts and witches, which manifests by weakness, loss of appetite, chest heaviness, recurring nightmares and a general sense of terror

ghost whisperer – one who communicates with ghosts of the departed for the purpose of reconciliation with the living, finding justice, delivering an important message or so that said ghost whisperer can convince the ghost to “cross over” into the next realm SYN medium, spiritualist

ghoul /gool/ alt. ghul – in Arabic folklore, a demon or monster abiding in graveyards that digs up fresh bodies and consumes the flesh; one of the djinn sired by Iblis; it was not introduced to the West until Antoine Galland translated One Thousand and One Nights into French [Arabic ghul “one who seizes”] SYN qutrub

giant – a generic word used for a humanoid who is great in height; many cultures include giants/giantesses as part of their folklore – the Gigantes, Titans and Cyclopes (Greek), the Fomorians (Irish), the Cewri (Welsh), the Neringa (Lithuanian), the Jitu (Swahilian), the Asura (Hindi); several kinds of giants are mentioned in Genesis – the Anakites, Amorites and Rephaites as well as the better known Nephilim and Watchers [Greek Gígas “one of great strength and aggression”]

Giant Camel Spider Hoax of 2006 – when a picture taken by military men, showing two interlinked camel spiders, circulated online and it was used to claim that a new horrific species with 16 legs had been discovered

giantess – a female giant exp. the Amazonians of Greece are a mythical race of giantesses

giant squid – one type of sea monster and one species of squid that really exists and was filmed near Japan in 2004; the maximum length for females is thought to be 40-43 ft and they exist in all seas except for extreme climates; it's debated if the colossal squid is a separate species or not SYN architeuthis dux

Gloomy Sunday (1941) – a melancholy song composed by Rezső Seress in 1933, which in turn, led to differing versions, including an English one about a recently deceased lover; it is said that many people have committed suicide while listening to the song and that it's cursed; the composer later committed suicide by choking himself with a wire SYN “Hungarian Suicide Song”, Szomorú Vasárnap, Vége a világnak

Glorification Of The Eucharist (c1600) – an altarpiece by Italian artist Ventura Salimbeni showing a curious metallic sphere, which resembles Sputnik, resting on a cloud among the Godhead; ancient alien enthusiasts say this is evidence of aliens imparting to humankind the secrets of the future while art historians say it's a creation globe, symbolizing God's handiwork SYN Esaltation of the Eucaristy, Disputa of the Eucharist, “The Sputnik of Montalcino”

gnome – a diminutive bearded humanoid with strange clothes that lives underground; unlike goblins (which are sometimes confused with them), gnomes are shy and benevolent [Latin gnomus “earth-dweller”] SYN dwarf, khthon

Gnosticism – a heretical Christian sect that arose in the second century and lost favor after the time of the Nicene Creed [Greek gnostikos “having knowledge”] SYN esotericism

goblin alt. gobblin, gobbelin, gobeline, gobling, goblyn – a diminutive hideous creature of European folklore described as having magical qualities, being greedy for gold and jewelry and malevolent; do not confuse goblins with nature-loving gnomes [Latin gobelinus “demon”] SYN hobgoblin, imp, goblette (fem.)

God – in monotheistic religions, the supreme being and creator of all things [German gudan “one who's invoked”] SYN Lord, Father, Almighty, Our Maker

god – a being who is superior to humans exp. Zeus, Vishnu, Waheguru, Osiris, Ahura Mazda [PIE ǵhu-tó-m “one who's invoked”] SYN deity, avatar

Linda Godfrey – one who first investigated the Beast of Bray Road; the author of more than 17 books about cryptids, including Mythical Creatures (2009), Haunted Wisconsin (2010) and Monsters Among Us (2016)

golem /GOH-luhm/ – in Jewish folklore, an anthropomorphic figurine of mud or clay that's magically brought to life by one who writes any of the names of God on a scrap piece of paper and stuffs it into the golem's mouth; a term used in Psalm 139:16; in some contexts, it means a human being who's unfinished in the eyes of God, an uncultivated person or a klutz exp. Adam, being formed of mud, was a golem and so will be the image of the first beast, which is described in Revelation 13:15 as a statue that comes to life [Hebrew “raw material”]

Gorgon /GORE-gun/ alt. Gorgo – one of three sisters, Stheno, Euryale and Medusa, who has live snakes in place of hair strands and turns anybody who looks upon their countenance into stone [Greek gorgós “grim, dreadful”]

grace – forgiveness of sins through the blood of Jesus Christ; mercy; favor [Greek charis “that which brings joy”] SYN condescension, benevolence

Gray Man – a ghost that appears on the shore to people in the town of Pawleys Island, SC and warns them of coming hurricanes; he was featured on Unsolved Mysteries, #3.7 SYN Gray Man of Pawleys Island

Green-Clawed Beast – an unseen cryptid that pulled Naomi Johnson of Evansville, IN below the waters of the Ohio R. repeatedly and wouldn't let go until her friend Louise swam over to help; somebody who claimed to be an Air Force colonel warned Miss Johnson afterwards not to tell anyone; the attack on Aug. 14th, 1955 remains a singularity

Steven M. Greer (1955-p) – a retired traumatologist and ufologist; the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project; the author of five books about aliens and the implications for humankind

grey – an alien being, specifically the humanoid type with grayish skin, large black eyes and a minuscule slit for a mouth SYN alien, extraterrestrial, E.T.

griffon alt. griffin – a legendary creature having the body, tail and back legs of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle with eagle's legs and talons for the front legs; a guardian of wealth; the use of them in symbolism goes back to ancient Iran and Egypt [Greek grypos “curved, hooked”] SYN gryphon, grypon, gryps, gryphus

Grim Reaper – a face-less hooded figure carrying a sickle who goes about seeking the recently departed to escort them to the afterlife; the typical image of the Grim Reaper was inspired by claims of people who saw him shortly before the onset of the Black Plague in their respective towns, not with a sickle but with a scepter, which issued forth a strange green gas over their crops SYN Angel of Death, Spectre of Death, Abaddon, Destroying Angel, Black Angel

Grinning Man – first sighted in 1966 according to John Keel, a man that wears a metallic suit, has elongated eyes and a maniacal smile from ear to ear that is seen in connection with a UFO; some believe he is an alien, a man who is being pursued by aliens or an MIB

gris-gris /GREE-gree/ sing. and pl. alt. gri-gri – originating from the Kingdom of Dagbon in Ghana, a small cloth bag of Voodoo practitioners that is worn to bring good luck, dispel evil and prevent unwanted pregnancies; it's usually inscribed with Islamic scripture and contains small ritualistic objects and may be worn by people of Muslim or Voodoo persuasion but also of any faith [Mandingo “magic”] SYN gregory, gerregery

guardian angel – a helper sent by the Christian God to his believers; Psalm 91 promises that every believer has many angels

Gulf Breeze UFO incident – when the Gulf Breeze Sentinel, starting in Nov. 1987, published a series of UFO pictures supplied by Ed Walters then a reporter named Craig Myers debunked them as a hoax by duplicating the photos using a styrofoam cut-out discovered in Walters's attic

Gurdon Light – a mysterious floating light, orange, white, blue or green depending on the air, seen bobbing up and down over the railroad tracks near Gurdon, AR; first noted in the 1930's, theories as to its origin range from car headlights in the distance to piezoelectricity to a decapitated railroad worker who is searching by lantern for his missing head


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