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habitable zone – a given length away from any star in which life is possible because it's neither too hot nor too cold; applicable to theories of alien life in other solar systems SYN Goldilocks zone

hadephobia /HAY-duh-FOH-bee-uh/ – the fear of Hell and going to Hell SYN stygiophobia

Hades /HAY-deez/ – named after its overseer, the Greek underworld and dark counterpart to the heavens of Mount Olympus where grisly gods such as Charon and judges Rhadamanthus, Aeacus and Minos reside; the opposite of Elysium [Proto-Greek “unseen”]

hagiophobia – the fear of saints or holy things

Halloween – a multi-layered holiday of Celtic origin that is celebrated on the 31st of Oct. by both religious and secular peoples in mostly Anglo countries; popular activities include attending church services, placing candles on graves, trick-or-treating, attending Halloween parties, wearing a costume, feasting, lighting bonfires, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, participating in divination games, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror movies [1745, Scottish “Saints' Evening”] SYN Samhain, All Hallows' Eve, All Saints' Eve, Allhallowtide, Day of the Dead, Snap-Apple Night, Calan Gaeaf

hallucination – a vision that exists only in one's mind and has no basis in reality; some medical conditions, medicines and magnetic anomalies are associated with hallucinations and may explain away some paranormal events such as ghosts

Hampton Court Palace – a castle of King Henry VIII located in the borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, London, ENG; it's known for its many ghosts, including Jane Seymour, Catherine Howard, the Grey Lady (believed to be Sybil Penn) and a robe-clad male spirit that tripped a security camera in 2003

hantu pendek /HAHN-too PEN-deck/ sing. and pl. – a ghost or demon that attacks local villagers and hunts down animals with axes in small groups [Indonesian “short ghost”]

Jim Harold – the host of Jim Harold's Campfire Stories, The Paranormal Podcast and The Other Side; the author of a series of paranormal true-story collections

harpy – in Roman and Greek mythology, a large bird of prey with the head of a maiden; they are either described as hideous or beautiful; the personification of the destructive nature of wind exp. harpies are in Jason and the Argonauts and The Aeneid [Greek harpyia “snatcher; swift robber”]

haruspex /huh-RUS-specks/ alt. aruspex pl. haruspices, aruspices – one who interprets the entrails of sacrificed animals [Latin “observer of entrails”]

haruspicy /huh-RUS-spih-cee/ alt. haruspicina – in the religion of Ancient Rome, a method of divination using the entrails of a sacrificed animal [Latin haruspicium “inspection of entrails”] SYN extispicy, extispicium

Hatman – a specific kind of shadow being, who often appears at the end of one's bed, esp. after a death in the family; a shadowy masculine figure, who is featureless in the face, but stands at an average height and appears to be wearing a wide-brimmed hat and trench coat SYN Grey Man, Shadow Man

haunt – to habitually frighten the inhabitants [French hanter] SYN scare, spook, terrorize, habituate, frequent, linger, abide

Haunted Collector (2011-2013) – an American TV series hosted by demonologist John Zaffis as he goes to haunted/cursed locations and tries to identify and remove any trigger objects and brings them to his own museum; it aired on the Syfy Channel

Haunted History (1998-2001) – an American series of 26 specials that aired on the History Channel and told of various haunted locations in the US, the UK and the Caribbean through the lens of history

Haunted Hospitals (2018-p) – a Canadian TV series where doctors, nurses and patients share ghostly events they personally witnessed

haunted house – a house that is known to have ghostly activity exp. Amityville Horror House, Winchester Mystery House, Leap Castle, Monte Cristo Homestead SYN ghost house, house of spooks

haunting – when a ghost or demon takes up residence in a specific locale, such as a house, a ship, a lighthouse, an alleyway or a park, and frightens those who are present SYN visitation, infestation

healing – a supernatural release of disease and all its symptoms

Heaven – the abode of God and his angels; a temporary dimension that will be replaced with a permanent undefiled one after Satan is kicked out, according to Revelation 21:1 [Old English heofon “heaven, sky, firmament”] SYN Paradise

Hecate /HECK-kuh-tee/ alt. Hekate, Hecat – the Greek goddess of witchcraft, which may have been inspired by the name of Heqet; the daughter of Perses and Asteria; her Roman counterpart is Trivia [from Hekatos, an epithet of Apollo, meaning “the far-reaching one”]

Hel – in Norse mythology, the female being who presides over a realm by the same name; the daughter of Loki

Hell – the abode of Satan and the final destination for sinners [German haljo “hall, covered place”] SYN Sheol, Hades

hellhound – a voracious black dog of legend, usually depicted as having red eyes SYN demon dog

Heqet /HECK-it/ alt. Heqtit, Heqat, Heket – the Egyptian goddess of fertility, represented by a frog; she may have later inspired the name of Hecate [unknown]

Hera /HAIR-ruh ; HERE-ruh/ – the goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth; the daughter of Cronus and Rhea; her Roman counterpart is Juno [Greek “lady, mistress”] SYN Queen of Olympus, Queen of the Gods, Ira

Hessdalen Lights – an unusual light phenomenon that has been observed in the Hessdalen Valley of central Norway since the 1930's

hex pl. hexes – a curse; malicious intent towards somebody [German Hexe “witch”] SYN jinx, spell, hexcraft, sorcery, juju, malediction

hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia /hecks-suh-KOS-see-oy-hecks-UH-kon-tuh-hecks-suh-FOH-bee-uh/ – the fear of the number 666

Hezekiah principle – the idea that if you want something, write it down and God may grant it; it comes from 2 Kings 19:14-19 and 20:1-7 in where King Hezekiah set a troublesome letter before the Lord, prayed and received another 15 years of life

Betty and Barney Hill – an American couple who were abducted by aliens while driving down a lonely stretch of highway in NH on the night of Sept. 19th, 1961; after hypnosis, their story was published against their wishes in a book entitled The Interrupted Journey; the event became known as the Hill Abduction and the Zeta Reticuli incident

Hindu – one who believes in a pantheon of gods and goddesses but accepts that there are three main gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva SYN Brahman

Hinduism – a religion of the Indian subcontinent that has no single founder, scripture or set of beliefs SYN Sanatana Dharma, Eternal Way

hinkypunk – a creature that carries a torch and leads travellers off pathways into dangerous bogs or graveyards SYN jack o'lantern, will-o'-the-wisp, ignis fatuus, spooklight, ghost light, nightfire

hobgoblin – an impish creature of diminutive size and grotesque appearance [German hob “elf” (from Hob (a variant of Rob), short for Robin Goodfellow, an elf of German folklore) + Latin gobelin “goblin”] SYN goblin, goblyn, gobbelin, gobblin, gobling, gobeline

Hoia-Baciu Forest /HOY-yah BAH-choo FOR-est/ – a mysterious forest in the Romanian province of Transylvania where many anomalous events have occurred; a place that was investigated in Destination Truth, #3.20.1 SYN Hoia Forest, “Bermuda Triangle of Romania”

Holda /HOLE-duh/ – of pre-Christian Alpine tradition, the protectress of agriculture and women's arts and crafts; the leader of female nocturnal spirits (called hulden) whose festival lies in the middle of Celtic winter when the dead are thought to roam the Earth; she rides a distaff, a rod used in spinning fibers, which may be the basis for witches' brooms [German huld “friendly”] SYN Frau Holda, Holle, Frau Holle, Hulda, Frau Hulda, Huld, Frau Huld

Heidi Hollis – one who broke the story about shadow beings; a popular guest speaker on Coast to Coast AM

hollow Earth theory – a belief in some pseudoscientific circles that another world exists within the Earth and that it's inhabited by either another race of humans or aliens; a repeated theme in sci-fi books, such as Journey to the Center of the Earth; an idea popularly accepted in the past by various religions exp. Christian Hell, Jewish Sheol, the Greek underworld, Shamballa of Buddhism, Patala of Hinduism, the Nordic Svartálfaheimr and some Native Americans' myths too

The Holy Bible (antiquity) – a collection of 66 books written by various prophets which form the history and core of Judeo-Christian beliefs, chiefly that Jesus, who is God, died on the cross for everybody's sins

Holy Grail – the chalice as painted in da Vinci's The Last Supper; the cup of Jesus as popularized by Arthurian legend SYN Holy Chalice, Sanct Grael

Holy Spirit – the collective consciousness of the Christian God that is shared by all believers; the third part of the Trinity SYN Comforter, paraclete

holy water – water that has been blessed by a Catholic priest and is used to heal and exorcise demons

Honey Island Swamp Monster – in Louisiana folklore, a bipedal 7-foot-tall gray-haired creature with red or yellow eyes and three webbed toes on each foot which makes its home in the Honey Island Swamp

Hope Diamond – a 46-carat, deep-blue diamond, now in the ownership of the Smithsonian Museum, that is said to be cursed; it has passed through the hands of French kings, English kings, English nobility, sultans, rich commoners, actresses and gem merchants, many of whom suffered unusual and extreme fates exp. Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who brought the stone from India, was mauled on the streets of Constantinople by wild dogs SYN Le Bijou du Roi, French Blue

Budd Hopkins (1931-2011) – a hypnotist who specialized in regressing alien abductees and helping them to recover memories

horoscope – a diagram that overlays the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at a certain time, such as a person's birth, which will reveal their personality traits as well as any fortunate or unfortunate information about their future [Greek horoskopos “time observation”] SYN astrological chart, cosmogram

hot reading – a reading based on prior information given to the psychic about the sitter or somebody in the audience

houngan /HOON-gun/ – in Haitian voodoo, a male priest [Fon (of Benin) hounnongan “priest”] SYN bokor

Linda Moulton Howe (1942-p) – a paranormal investigator who is a frequent guest speaker on Coast to Coast AM; the former host and producer of Sightings

huldra /HULL-druh/ pl. huldrer, huldufólk – in Scandinavian folklore, a seductive feminine creature of the forest; she is akin to Holda; the female counterpart of a huldrekall [a German root word meaning “hidden”] SYN hulder, ulda, skogsrå, Tallemaja

huldrekall /HULL-drih-call/ pl. huldufólk – similar to the Scandinavian huldra, a grotesque long-nosed masculine creature of a sexual nature that abides underground [a German root word meaning “hidden”]

huna /HOO-nuh/ – an esoteric base of Hawaiian beliefs involving clairvoyance, precognition, healing, miracles and magic [Max Freedom Long, a non-native]

Hungry Ghost Festival – a Buddhist and Taoist festival during which dead ancestors are appeased and venerated SYN Ghost Festival, Zhongyuan Jie, Gui Jie, Yulan Festival

J. Allen Hynek (1910-1986) – an astronomer, ufologist and professor; a scientific adviser to the US Air Force on three projects: Project Sign, Project Grudge and Project Blue Book; the developer of the “Close Encounters” classification system

hypnagogic hallucinations – frightening visions one has while falling asleep; common sensations are tactile, olfactory, gustatory, thermal and auditory – some people report hearing their name called, explosions and out-of-body experiences [hypnagogia “a condition leading into sleep”] SYN hypnagogic images, phantasmata

hypnopompic hallucinations – frightening visions one has while waking from sleep; common sensations are tactile, olfactory, gustatory, thermal and auditory – some people report hearing their name called, explosions and out-of-body experiences [hypnopompia “a condition sending away from sleep”] SYN hypnopompic images, phantasmata

hypnosis – a method of recovering suppressed memories, esp. those of abductees; it's controversial because subjects are prone to false memories, suggestibility and imagination [Greek “condition of sleep”] SYN hypnotism, hypnotherapy, mesmerism, regression


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