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ibbur /IH-buhr/ – a benevolent spirit that temporarily possesses a body; a positive possession; the opposite of a dybbuk possession [Hebrew “impregnation”]

Iblis /ihb-BLEES/ alt. Iblees, Eblis – in Islamic belief, the name of Satan; the leader of shayateen (demons) [Arabic bls “remain in grief”; talbis “confusion”] SYN Devil, Satan

David Icke /DAY-vihd aick/ (1952-p) – a former sports broadcaster turned conspiracy theorist; the author of over 20 books including Truth Vibrations (1991), The Biggest Secret (1998), Children of the Matrix (2001) and The Perception Deception (2014) AKA David Vaughan Icke

icon – either a painted image, mosaic, woodcutting or a statue meant to represent a holy figure; they commonly depict Jesus, the Virgin Mary, angels, saints and apostles; despite the commandment against graven images and the Byzantine Iconoclasm of 726–842, they were used in early Catholicism and Christianity to teach an illiterate society who were converting from paganism [Greek eikṓn “image”] SYN graven image

idol – an effigy meant to represent something of the divine and is worshiped in some cases exp. the golden calf of Exodus, Venus figurines, the zoomorphic statues of Ancient Egypt, Zeus, Buddha, Shiva, the Kaaba [Greek eidolon “representation”] SYN graven image, fetish, simulacrum

ifrit /IF-freet/ pl. ifrits, afareet, ifreetah – the most powerful and dangerous type of shaytan (demon); a spirit that may be a believer or disbeliever, but either way is an amorphous being that prefers to live in secluded places; a genie [Arabic afara “to rub with dust”] SYN ifreet, efreet, efrite, afreet, afrite, afrit, shaitan

Iliamna Lake Monster /ill-lee-AHM-nuh layk MON-stuhr/ – a 10 to 30-foot-long fish resembling a sturgeon that makes its abode in Lake Iliamna, Alaska's largest lake; according to native legend, a fisherman who was hunting and wearing the skin of a sea creature, and after being caught by a pair of whales, was transformed into a half-whale, half-wolf creature as punishment SYN Illie, Jig-ik-nak, Gonakadet, Wasgo

imam /ih-MOM/ pl. a'immah – the leader of worship services in a Sunni mosque, akin to a preacher; a Shi'ah community leader [Arabic “central figure”]

Imbolc /IH-molg/ alt. Imbolg – an Irish/Wiccan holiday, falling on Feb. 1st/2nd, that celebrates the arrival of spring; the mid-point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox; it coincides with the Christian holiday known as Candlemas [Irish “in the belly”] SYN Feile Brighde, St. Brigid's Day

implant – a device surgically inserted into an abductee for various, unknown purposes, possibly as a tracking device or health monitor SYN bug, artifact

imprint – energy left behind on a place by its former occupants; either mundane or dramatic events which took place there play out as if on a loop SYN residual haunting, energy haunting

incorporeal – without a physical body; an adjective pertaining to spiritual beings [Latin corpus “body”] SYN intangible, impalpable, uncarnate, bodiless, immaterial, ethereal

incorruptibility – the quality of being pure, therefore unable to rot exp. the body of St. Bernadette is incorruptible and remains in a glass reliquary even though she was never embalmed

incubus /INK-kyoo-bus/ pl. incubi – a masculine demon that preys upon sleeping women for sex; the opposite of a succubus [Latin incubo “a nightmare induced by such a demon”]

indigo children – precocious children who are thought to be not of this world (although they are born to earthly mothers and fathers) who display an unusual amount of empathy and sometimes other talents, like high IQs, prophecy and artistic ability, and are believed to exist to save humanity from itself one day [developed by Nancy Ann Tappe in the 1970's, who noted that more and more children are being born with indigo-colored aurae] SYN crystal children, star children, interdimensional children

In Search of ... (1976-1982) – hosted by Leonard Nimoy, a documentary series that explored paranormal phenomena and other fringe topics

insectoid – a type of alien distinctive for its arthropomorphic qualities, such as antennae, segmented bodies and pincers

intelligent haunting – a haunting in which there is interaction between a spirit and somebody who's yet alive

The Interrupted Journey (1966) – a book by John G. Fuller recounting the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction in rural New Hampshire on Sept. 19th, 1961; the book inspired the 1975 made-for-TV movie The UFO Incident

Intruders (1987) – a book by Budd Hopkins with accounts from his many interviews of abductees

Intruders Foundation – a defunct research and support group for abductees founded by parapsychologist Budd Hopkins

IR camera – infra-red camera; a camera that allows for photography or filming in low-light conditions; considered important in ghost-hunting investigations because it can show a cold figure against a warmer background SYN night vision camera, thermal camera, FLIR camera

Ishtar – the ancient Semitic goddess of war, sex and fertility, often associated with spring and eggs; the daughter (and sometimes the wife) of the sky-god named An [Semitic “star”] SYN Astarte, Ashtoreth, Easter, Eostre, Ostara, Inanna, Queen of Heaven

Isla de las Muñecas – a sandbar in the Xochimilco canals 17 miles south of Mexico City where hundreds of dolls are hung in trees to pay homage to a little girl who supposedly drowned in the canal many years ago; the former caretaker, Don Julian Santana Barrera, began the tradition of hanging the dolls in the trees and legends are diverse: some say that the dolls became possessed by the spirit of the little girl, that the island itself is haunted, that the dolls move and whisper to each other and that the little girl lured the caretaker to his death in 2001 since he also drowned SYN Island of the Dolls, Doll Island

Islam – the world's second-largest religion; a religion whose adherents believe that Allah is the only god and The Noble Quran are the words of Muhammed, their prophet exp. Sunni, Shi'ah, Sufi, Khawarij and Ahmadiyya are different sects of Islam [Arabic slm “submission”] SYN Muhammadanism

Isle of Demons – in 1542, during a journey across the ocean, a pregnant French noblewoman named Marguerite de La Rocque, her lowly deckhand lover and her maid-servant, Damienne, were marooned on this island, esp. because it was believed to be inhabited by demons, which could be seen even in broad daylight, and some years later, the woman was rescued by Basque fishermen, being the lone survivor; it's thought to be Caribou Island off the coast of Newfoundland but earlier, it may have been the legendary Island of Satanazes, which was placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on 15th century maps SYN Île des Démons, Quirpon Island

Israel, Put your Hope in the Lord (17th cen. AD) – a mural by an unknown artist at the Church of the Dominican Monastery, Romania that depicts a burning church (possibly said church since it did burn down twice) and a large hovering silver disc above it

iunx /EE-unks/ alt. iynx, jynx, jinx, yhinx pl. iunxes, iunges – a woodpecker associated with sorcery [Greek] SYN wryneck

Iynx – the daughter of Pan and Echo; in Greek mythology, a mountain nymph whom Hera changed into a bird (an iunx) because she'd cast a spell on Zeus and made him fall in love with Io


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