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jackalope – a fierce mythological antlered rabbit created by taxidermist Douglas Herrick of WY in the 1930's [jackrabbit + antelope] SYN Frankenstein's rabbit, warrior rabbit

jack o'lantern alt. Jack-o'-the-lantern – a mysterious greenish glow that hovers over swampy waters and appears to recede if approached; in Irish folklore, Jack was an evil man who was not allowed to enter either Heaven or Hell and instead was doomed to wander the Earth, given only an ember from Hell to warm himself with, but chose to use it to mislead travelers from the road; nowadays, a carved pumpkin set out for Halloween [“Jack of the lantern”] SYN will-o'-the-wisp, ignis fatuus, McLantern, Hoberdy's Lantern, spook light, ghost candle, hinkypunk

David M. Jacobs (1942-p) – the author of five books of ufology

Jacob's Ladder (1) – an electronic device consisting of a charger and two parallel antennae through which an electric arc flows that is supposed to give energy to ghosts and let the living know that they're there

Jacob's Ladder (2) – a dream of the patriarch Jacob at a time when he was fleeing from his brother, Esau; in the dream, he saw a ladder descend from heaven and light upon the Earth and angels of God were moving up and down the ladder, which foretold that he would get the blessing of God SYN Stairway to Heaven

jade – a multi-colored silicate prized all over the world for its metaphysical properties: it blesses whoever touches it, allows one to reach out to the spiritual world, adds healthy years to one's life and ensures a peaceful death, resets cardiac rhythm, cures kidney stones and other ailments, inspires love and trustworthiness, encourages creativity and dream-solving of problems, brings good luck, dispels negative energy and purifies auras and protects children and pets from harm among many, many other things [due to a French misprint, it became pierre l'ejade but it was supposed to be translated as “loin stone”] SYN nephrite, jadeite, lapis nephriticus, greenstone, Yu-Stone

Janus /JAY-nuhs/ alt. Ianvs – the two-faced Roman god of gates, transition, new beginnings, endings and time; the son of Caelus and Trivia [Latin ianus “gate”] SYN Culśanś

Jehovah alt. Iehouah – the Judeo-Christian god; the name as given to Moses in Exodus 6:3; the Latinized name of YHWH [Hebrew “I am”] SYN Yahweh, Yehowah

jengu /JEN-goo/ pl. miengu, maengu – in Sawa (Cameroon) mythology, a beautiful mermaid with long, flowing hair and nice teeth who brings good fortune to one who worships her SYN liengu

Jersey Devil – a folklore creature, having the head and overall body of a kangaroo but with large, leathery wings like a bat, two curled horns, small arms with claws, cloven hooves and a skinny forked tail, that inhabits the Pine Barrens of Southern NJ; according to legend, “Mother Leeds” already had twelve children and upon learning that she was pregnant for the 13th time, she cursed the child, saying that it would be a devil, and when it was born one stormy night in 1735, it morphed into a hideous creature, killed the mid-wife and escaped up the chimney; in another version, “Mother Leeds” was a witch and the child's father was Satan himself SYN Leeds Devil, Devil of Leeds

Jester – one of the 78 cards in a tarot deck; it's considered to be the most powerful card and generally signifies new beginnings depending on what other cards are drawn SYN Fool

Jesus – the second part of the Trinity; Jehovah in the flesh, who is deity; the sacrificial lamb of Christians [Hebrew “Yahweh is salvation”] SYN Christ, Messiah, Issa, Emmanuel, Lamb of God, Son of Man

Jew – one who adheres to Mosaic law and believes the Messiah is yet to come [Hebrew Yehudi “of the tribe of Judah”] SYN Hebrew, Judaist, Israelite, Levantine, Yahudi

Jiangshi /CHONG-shee/ sing. and pl. – of Chinese legend, a hopping zombie who finds victims and drains the life force (qi) out of them; they are portrayed as wearing traditional Qing Dynasty costumes, being partially decayed, with sharp teeth, long fingernails and glowing green skin [Chinese “stiff corpse”] SYN Chiang Shi, Kang Shi, Geung-si, Cuong Thi, Gangsi, Kyonshi

jinee /JEE-nee/ alt. jinnee, jinni, djinni, genie pl. jinees, genies, genii, djinn, djin – in Muslim tradition, one of many different kinds of spirits that prefer to remain out of sight and make their abode in enclosed spaces, such as caves and oil lamps; a trickster spirit [Semitic jnn “a being that is concealed from the senses”] SYN ifrit, marid, shaytan, shaitan

jinx alt. jynx – the attribute of having bad luck [Greek iunx, a bird associated with sorcery] SYN curse, hex

John Zaffis' Museum of the Paranormal – a museum run by John Zaffis behind his house in Stratford, CT; it houses objects he collected from decades' worth of exorcisms and paranormal investigations as well as stuff that people sent him in order to rid themselves of demons and strange happenings

Jörmungandr /YOUR-moon-GAN-der/ – in Norse mythology, a sea serpent and the middle child of Loki and Angrboda [Old Norse “huge monster”] SYN Midgard Serpent

J-Rod – the name of an alien supposedly being kept at Area 51

Judaism – the religion of Moses, the Jews and “The Torah”; the people who live under Mosaic Law

juju – the magic associated with talismans of West African voodoo [Hausa djudju “evil spirit; fetish”]

Juno /JOO-noh/ – the patron goddess of the Roman Empire; the goddess of love and marriage; the daughter of Saturn; her Greek counterpart is Hera, also symbolized by the peacock [Latin iuvare “to aid, benefit”] SYN Ivno, Uni, Regina

Jupiter – the king of the Roman pantheon; the sky-god; the son of Saturn and Ops; his Greek counterpart is Zeus; he is symbolized by thunderbolts, eagles and oak trees [Latin “heavenly father”] SYN Jove, Iuppiter, Diespiter, Tinia

Juventas /yoo-VEN-tuhs/ alt. Juventus, Juventia – the goddess of youth, rejuvenation and young men new to wearing the toga (they'd come of age); the cup-bearer of the gods; the daughter of Jupiter and Juno [Latin iuvenis “juvenile”] SYN Hebe, Dia, Ganymeda


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