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Kabbalism – Jewish mysticism, based on an esoteric interpretation of Hebrew scriptures, including a mystical third torah called The Zohar [Hebrew qabbala “reception”] SYN Cabalism

Kali /KAH-lee/ – a Hindi goddess who is a divine protector, the ultimate reality and one who bestows moksha [Sanskrit “dark-colored; appointed time”] SYN Kalika, Shyama, Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, Adi Shakti, Adi Parashakti

kami /kah-mee/ sing. and pl. – the objects and qualities of reverence in the Shinto faith; examples of kami include virtues like growth and fertility, natural phenomena like wind and thunder, things of nature like the sun, mountains and rocks, but also certain animals as well as ancestral spirits, which can include anybody who's passed up to the deceased ones of the Imperial House of Japan [Japanese “divinity”] SYN kamuy, megami (fem.), anima, elementals, virtues

Kecksburg UFO incident – on Dec. 9th, 1965, Americans in six states and Ontario witnessed what appeared to be a meteorite and then in small town Kecksburg, PA, local firefighters and other witnesses found an acorn-shaped UFO the size of a car crashed in the woods and along the base of the UFO, there was writing which resembled Egyptian hieroglyphs but all of this was denied after the Army cordoned off the area and drove an object out on a covered flat-bed truck; the subject of Unsolved Mysteries, S. 3, Ep. #1; also the subject of a documentary series, Nazi UFO Conspiracy, because it was compared to an alleged Nazi UFO experiment called Die Glocke SYN “Pennsylvania's Roswell”

John Keel (1930-2009) – an influential ufologist and parapsychologist; the author of The Mothman Prophecies (1975); one who popularized the term “men in black in an article, “UFO Agents of Terror”, in the adventure magazine Saga and the notion that aliens he called “ultraterrestrials” were capable of shape-shifting just like certain paranormal monsters are; shortly after his death, a large cache of paranormal interviews on cassette tapes was discovered under his bed AKA Alva John Kiehle

Kelly “Little Green Men” encounter – when 12 family members showed up at the police station in Hopkinsville, KY on the late evening of August 21st, 1955 claiming that a UFO had landed near the Sutton farmhouse and that they'd defended it from a group of aliens with a hail of gunfire and the next morning, the officers couldn't find the Suttons because, as the neighbors explained, the aliens had returned in the middle of the night and the family fled in terror; the aliens were described as about three feet tall, gray-skinned with yellow eyes and having wide shoulders, large pointed ears and spindly arms; it's regarded as one of the best documented alien encounters while naysayers claim that the event was due to “drunken excitement” and misidentification of great horned owls and meteorites SYN Kelly “Green Men” case, Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, Hopkinsville Goblins case

kelpie /KELL-pee/ alt. calpa – a shape-shifting water spirit, with a preference for appearing as a horse, that inhabits the lochs of Scotland [Gaelic cailpeach “heifer, colt”] SYN water kelpie, shoepultie, shoopiltee, nuggle, neugle, tangie, ceffyl dwr, cabbyl-ushtey

Kenneth Arnold UFO incident – when Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot, was flying near Mt. Rainier in WA on June 24th, 1947 and saw nine silvery UFOs streak past his plane at an estimated 1,200 mph; the sighting is significant because the press called the UFOs “flying saucers” for the first time, thus coining the term, and it was the first of a string of UFO sightings that took place over the course of the next few weeks leading up to and ending with the Roswell UFO crash

KIC 8462852 – a star in Cygnus that caused excitement in late 2015 due to its unusual pattern of light-dipping; some speculated that the weird pattern was due to an alien megastructure that orbited the star SYN TYC 3162-665-1, 2MASS J20061546+4427248, Tabby’s star, Boyajian’s star

King's Tavern – an old building that has been a tavern, an inn, a stage stop and a post office and is now a restaurant that claims to be haunted by Mr. King's mistress named Madeline, an outlaw named Wiley Harpe and the baby he allegedly killed there; in the 1930's, three bodies were recovered from the wall behind the fireplace – two men and one woman – who may be Madeline and two perpetrators killed by Mrs. King when she learned of her husband's infidelity; 613 Jefferson St., Natchez, MS SYN Bledsoe House

Kirlian photography – named after Semyon Kirlian, a controversial technique to photograph a person's aura SYN Kirlianography, aura photography, electrography, electrophotography, bioelectrography, corona discharge photography, gas discharge visualization

Kitezh /KEE-tezh/ – a mythical city at the bottom of Lake Svetloyar that was swallowed up by the waters when the Mongols advanced and the villagers prayed for protection SYN “Russia's Atlantis”

George Knapp (1952-p) – a part-time host on Coast to Coast AM; he is known for breaking two stories – Bob Lazar and the Skinwalker Ranch

kobold /KOH-bold/ – a sprite of German mythology; there are three types – house spirits of an ambiguous nature, ones that haunt underground places such as caves and mines and ones that live aboard ships, smoke pipes and help sailors [Latin cobalus “rogue”] SYN cobold

Koh-i-noor /KOH-ee-NOOR/ alt. Kohinoor – a large-cut clear diamond that sits inside the mount of Queen Mary's crown; ever since it was first acquired by the Turk-Mongol ruler named Babur, it has garnered a long, sordid history and a reputation of cursing men, so much so, that after the British subjugation of Punjab in 1849, the royal family has, for the most part, only allowed women to wear the jewel [Farsi “Mountain of Light”] SYN Koh-i-Nur

kongamato /CONE-guh-MAH-toh/ – a pterosaur-like creature or a giant bat that lives in the Jiundu swamps of Western Zambia, Angola and Congo [Kaonden “overwhelmer of boats”]

kraken /CRACK-kin/ – a legendary octopus of gigantic size with seven appendages that lives in the Norwegian Sea and attacks and brings down whole ships; before the 1800's, it was sometimes depicted as a giant crab [Norwegian “the twisted”; German “octopus”] SYN crab-fish, hafgufa

Heinrich Kramer (c1430-1505) – a German churchman, inquisitor and witch-hunter; the author of Malleus Maleficarum, a treatise that described witchcraft and methods of eliminating witches AKA Henricus Institor

Krampus /CRAMP-uhs/ – a half-demon/half-goat bipedal figure of pre-Christian Alpine tradition who, in contrast to Santa Claus, punishes bad children, but is friends with Santa Claus anyway; the son of Hel in Norse mythology [German krampen “claw”]

Krishna /KRISH-nuh/ – a major deity in Hinduism; the Hindu god of love and compassion; a principal character in “The Bhagavad Gita” [Sanskrit “dark blue”] SYN Lord Krishna, Govinda, Mukunda, Madhusudhana, Vasudeva, Makhan Chor, Svayam Bhagavan

KII meter – a hand-held device that detects fluctuations or aberrations of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and measures them in mGs; these fields are produced by electronic devices as well as the human body and are associated with hauntings SYN K2 meter, EMF meter

Kuldhara /KOOLD-hah-rah/ – a village in Rajasthan that was abandoned overnight and cursed by the chieftain; the Paranormal Society of Delhi investigated and reported unexplainable shadows, footsteps, noises and touching

kuntilanak /KOON-tee-LAH-nahk/ sing. and pl. – a female vampiric ghost in Indonesian mythology [Malay perempuan mati beranak “woman who died in childbirth”] SYN pontianak, matianak


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