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La Chapa – of Mexican legend, a ghost/demon who poses as a child, crying and appearing to be abandoned, but when one approaches him, he turns and bares a mouth full of razor-sharp, metal teeth and presumably attacks [Spanish chapa “sheet metal ; ply”]

La Chirognomie (1839) – a book written by Cpt. Casimir Stanislas d'Arpentigny that led to a revival of palmistry

Lady in White – a generic term for a female apparition wearing a white gown

Lake Pepin Monster – a dark serpent-like creature that lives in the shallow natural lake of the Mississippi; according to The Minnesota Book of Days: An Almanac of State History, a creature first reported on April 28th, 1871 SYN Pepie, Pepi, Peppi

Lake Van Monster – a lake monster inhabiting Lake Van in eastern Turkey; the subject of Animal X, #1.3 SYN Monster of Lake Van, Van Gölü Canavari

Lake Worth Monster – in Texan folklore, a scaly goat-man seen in Lake Worth, TX and the Greer Island area; newspapers published a photo and two sightings – it jumped out of a tree and landed on the hood of a man's car and it also threw a tire at some people; there is some evidence that it was a hoax perpetrated by some high school kids SYN Greer Island Goatman

Lakshmi /LOCK-shmee/ – the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity who is also revered by Buddhists and Jains [Sanskrit “sign of auspicious fortune”] SYN Sri, Shri Devi, Shri, Shree, Laxmi, Thirumagal

La Llorona /lah your-ROH-nuh/ – a ghost woman in Mexican culture who roams near waterways, weeping, looking for the souls of her two children, whom she drowned [Spanish “The Crying Woman”]

lamassu /lah-mahs-SOO/ alt. lamassus pl. lumasi – an Assyrian protective deity, often depicted as female and having a human's head, a body of a bull or a lion and eagle's wings; the male version is called a “shedu”, which inspired the Hebrew word “cherub” [Akkadian “bull-man”] SYN lammasu, alad, aladlammû, apsasû

Lamia /LAY-mee-uh/ – of Greek mythology, a woman who became a child-eating monster after her children were destroyed by Hera, the wife of Zeus, who was unfaithful with Lamia; the one whom Hera afflicted with sleeplessness until Zeus gave her the ability to remove her eyeballs [Greek laimos “throat”] SYN Mormo, Gello

lamia pl. lamiae, lamiai – a serpent-like phantom that seduces youth into sexual acts and then devours them afterwards

Lammas /lah-MAHS/ – a Wiccan holiday celebrated on Aug. 1st in the N. hemisphere during which many pagans get married SYN Lughnasadh

La Siguanaba /lah see-gwan-NAH-bah/ – in Central American folklore, a shape-shifting entity that appears to be a beautiful long-haired woman and is seen near waterways at nighttime and when a lone man is afoot, she tempts him and leads him off the beaten path, eventually turning and revealing her face to be either that of a horse or a skull; the men either die of fright or go insane [Nahuatl (Aztec) ciuanauac “concubine”] SYN Sihuanaba, Ciguanaba, Cihuanaba, Sihuehuet, Macihuatli, Cigua, Cegua

Marie Laveau (1801-1881) – a Voodoo priestess of New Orleans; a renowned mambo whose adherents still leave offerings at her mausoleum at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 AKA Marie Catherine Laveau Paris Glapion

Bob Lazar (1959-p) – somebody who claimed that he used to work at Area 51 with the job of reverse engineering alien technology and that UFOs work by gravity wave propulsion, powered by then-undiscovered element 115 (Mc) called Moscovium

Leap Castle – a haunted castle in Coolderry, Ireland built in the mid-13th century by the O'Bannons; the subject of some paranormal TV shows: Scariest Places on Earth, Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures SYN Léim Uí Bhanáin

lechuza /lay-CHOO-suh/ – the spirit of an evil-doer who usually comes in the form of an owl, although it can be any kind of animal, whose appearance precedes bad luck [Spanish “owl”]

lectisternium /lek-tih-STERN-nee-uhm/ pl. lectisterniums, lectisternia – a Roman ceremony in which food is offered to gods and goddesses, whose effigies are reclined on couches and draped; in Christianity, a feast in memory of the dead [Latin lectum sternere “couch-draping”]

legend tripping – sightseeing of locations associated with hauntings, cryptids, etc.; some people break trespassing laws doing this exp. taking a haunted tour of Baltimore, visiting a certain railroad trestle bridge over Pope Lick Creek in Louisville, KY, camping in Sedona, AZ in hope of seeing UFOs

Legion – a demon or group of demons that Jesus exorcised from a Gerasene man in Mark 5:1-13 and Luke 8:26-33 [Latin legio “many”]

lemur – a ring-tailed primate of Madagascar so named for its nocturnal nature and graceful movements [Malagasy “ghost”]

Lemures /LEH-mur-rays ; LEM-yur-reez/ – in Roman mythology, the restless and terrifying specters of the dead whose personages were not given a proper burial; they're said to invade the homes of their living relatives and bring disease unless placated [PIE lem- “nocturnal spirit”] SYN Larvae, Manes, Di Manes, Di Parentes

Lemuria /leh-MYUR-ree-uh/ – Ancient Roman rituals that took place every May 9th, 11th and 13th in which the head of a household arose at midnight, purified their hands, tossed black beans over their shoulder as an offering and made entreaties for any vengeful ancestor spirits to depart and possibly ended by banging on bronze pots [Romulus]

lenticular cloud – a stationary lens-shaped cloud/s that form over a mountain peak when stable moist air is the same temperature as the dew point temperature at the peak and condensation forms; these can be dramatic and appear very solid and are sometimes mistaken for UFOs

Leo – the fifth of the Zodiac signs, symbolized by a lion

lepke /LEHP-keh/ – a ghost that appears solid and natural like a person and then vanishes suddenly [Hungarian “butterfly”, because women, esp. witches, were believed to turn into butterflies upon death] SYN liippo, liblika

leprechaun /LEP-pruh-kahn/ alt. lepracaun, leprechawn – a type of fairy of the Aos Sí in Irish mythology; a red-bearded, wizened elf; a miniscule sprite wearing a greet jacket, pants and hat and buckled shoes, who in popular lore, mends shoes, hides gold at the end of a rainbow and grants three wishes if caught [Old Irish luchorpán “small body”; leithbrágan “half-brogue” (a brogue is a shoe)] SYN leipreachán, lúchorpáin, lubrican, leprehaun, lepreehawn, lioprachán, fairy shoemaker

Lesser Key of Solomon (mid-17th cen. AD) – an anonymously-written book of demonology SYN Clavicula Salomonis Regis, Lemegeton

leviathan /luh-VAI-uh-thuhn/ – a sea monster referenced in Job; a metaphor for Satan [Hebrew “twisted in folds”]

levitation – the ability to lift one's own body off the ground with the power of the mind [Latin levitas “lightness”] SYN mind over matter

ley lines – imaginary lines that encompass the Earth and connect ancient monuments and spiritual places [Alfred Watkins, 1921] SYN energy lines

Libra – the seventh of the Zodiac signs, symbolized by scales

Lilith alt. Lilit – in medieval Jewish mythology, a female demon and the former helpmate of Adam who is promiscuous and steals babies (or suffocates them) in the night; a figure who was inspired by the earlier Akkadian lilitu demons [Hebrew “night hag; screech owl”] SYN Lamia, Lamya

Litha /LEE-tuh/ – a Wiccan holiday celebrated on June 21st in the N. hemisphere

little green men – an old-fashioned term for aliens [Daily Kennebec Journal (Augusta, ME), 1908] SYN aliens, greys

little people – a generic term for small humanoids, not just dwarfs, but also something entirely different and of the paranormal realm exp. pukwudgies, gnomes, menehune and leprechauns

Liverpool Time Slips – a series of brief time slips occurring in various parts of Liverpool, ENG (centered around Bold Street) that send one or a group of people back to the 50's and 60's and in some cases, coincide the 50's and 60's with their present time, in other words, not fully immersed in the past but experiencing two decades at once SYN Bold Street Time Slips

Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp – a tall bipedal green lizard with red eyes that a teenager in Lee County, SC claimed to hit with his car in 1988 SYN Lizard Man of Lee County, Carolina Reptile Man

loa /LOH-uh/ sing. and pl. – a spirit or the spirits of Haitian Voodoo and Louisiana Voodoo who are intermediaries of God and humanity [French loi “law”] SYN lwa, mystère, invisible

Loch Ness Monster – a lake monster, resembling a plesiosaur, that supposedly inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands SYN Nessie, Niseag

Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau – a UK-based investigative group formed in 1962 by Norman Collins, R.S.R. Fitter, David James, Peter Scott and Constance Whyte, which then disbanded in 1972 SYN LNPIB, Loch Ness Investigation Bureau, LNIB

Loki /LOH-kee/ – a Norse god who is a shape-shifter and a trickster; the father of the goddess Hel and the sea serpent named Jörmungandr [German “maker of cobwebs; key”]

London Underground – a 270-station rapid transit system serving London and parts of Buckinghamshire, Essex and Hertfordshire that is supposedly haunted by sundry ghosts SYN Underground, Tube

Loveland Frog – in 1955, a Loveland, OH local reported seeing three frog-like men standing on the side of the road; in 1972, a police officer shot and killed a large iguana that was missing its tail and it's thought this may partially explain the sighting SYN Loveland Lizard, Frogman

Lubbock Lights – a string of UFO sightings in Lubbock, TX lasting from Aug. to Sept. of 1951 that were investigated by the USAF; witnesses described seeing 15-20 plate-sized greenish lights as bright as stars shoot over the roof

Lucifer – a name for Satan; an angel of light [Latin “light-bringing”] SYN Devil, Shaytan, Shaitan

Lughnasadh /LOO-nah-suh/ – a Wiccan holiday celebrated on Aug. 1st in the N. hemisphere during which many pagans get married SYN Lammas

lukwata /look-WAH-tah/ – a carnivorous beast that swims in the Great Lakes region of Africa; it's described as being shaped like a dolphin, brown on top and white on the underbelly, with a square head and an elongated neck and a body about 100 feet long SYN lau

lullaby – a simple melody sung to babies to put them to sleep; the original idea was to keep Lilith, a Jewish demon, away from the baby [Hebrew and English “Lilith bye”] SYN cradle song

luminous phenomena – the appearance of anomalous lights exp. ball lightning, UFOs, auras

lunacy – madness brought on by the presence of a full moon; full-moon nights are statistically busy nights for hospitals and paramedics but nobody has been really able to explain why SYN moon madness

Lutz family – a family that was terrorized by ghosts/demons while living in the Amityville House, where Ronald DeFeo Jr. had previously killed six family members

lycanthrope /LIE-can-thrope/ – one who changes into a wolf at will or under the influence of a curse or affliction [Greek lukánthropos “wolf-person”] SYN werewolf, werwulf, wolf-man

lycanthropy /lie-CAN-thrope-pee/ – the disease of being able to transform into a werewolf [Greek lýkos “wolf”] SYN werewolfism

Lympha /LIMF-fuh/ – the Roman goddess of freshwater, fountains and wells

lymphae /LIMF-fee/ – water nymphs of Roman mythology exp. Flora, Proserpina, Venus, Juturna [Latin lumpa, limpa “clear liquid”] SYN naiads, naides, hydriades, ephydriadescrinaeae, eleionomae, limnades, limnatides, pegaeae, potameides, tágides

lymphatio /limf-FAHT-tee-oh/ – madness brought on by the influence of a nymph; inspiration or divine revelation, which resemble a seizure; a euphemism for death in ancient Greece and Rome [Latin lymphatus “frenzied, deranged”] SYN nympholepsy


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