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Mabon /MAY-bahn/ – a Wiccan holiday celebrated on Sept. 22nd in the N. hemisphere [a character of Welsh mythology] SYN Harvest Home, Feast of the Ingathering, Meán Fómhair, Alban Elfed

John E. Mack M.D. (1929-2004) – a writer, psychiatrist and parapsychologist; the author of Abduction (1994) and Passport to the Cosmos (1999)

The Madonna With Saint Giovannino (late 1400's) – a round painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio which shows the Virgin Mary praying over the baby Jesus and St. Giovannino while in the sky behind them there appears to be a brightly shining mothership, three smaller “sparks” coming from it and a dark UFO hovering as a man and his dog look on

maduxwane /mah-DOOK-wah-nay/ – a zombie in the South African culture [Venda] SYN xidachane

Mae Nak /may-nuh/ alt. Mae Naak – one of Bangkok's most well-known ghosts, who is said to haunt the canal in Phra Khanong, angry that her husband fled from her and her baby; an honoree at Wat Mahabut SYN Nak, Nang Nak, Pee Mak, Mae Nak Phra Khanong, Lady Nak of Phra Khanong

Magi /muh-JAI/ – three learned men and astrologers from Persia who followed an unusual star to see the newborn Jesus and bore gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Mary and Joseph; Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, according to Western Christianity [Avestan magâunô “the religious caste into which Zoroaster was born”] SYN Three Wise Men, Three Kings

magic Gothic alt. magick – the use of enchantment, witchcraft, incantations, divination, necromancy and astrology in order to affect natural occurrences [Old Persian magu “magic”] SYN rites, crafts, wizardry, witchery, sorcery, occultism

magus /MAY-guhs/ archaic mage pl. magi – a magician; a practitioner of Wicca [Old Persian magu “magic”] SYN wizard, sorcerer
Makemake mah-kay-mah-kay – the bird god of the Rapanui inhabitants of Easter Island

mambo pl. mambos, mamboes – in Haitian Voodoo, a high priestess [Yoruba “chatter”] SYN caplata

Mami Wata /MAH-mee WAH-tah/ – a singular water deity that is venerated by Africans and by some in certain sects of voodoo, who usually appears as a snake-wrapped female but can also be any male on the street or creature at will; a pantheon of African siren deities associated with health, fertility and riches; adherents play music, dance and work themselves up into a frenzy until she possesses their bodies and speaks to/through them [Amharic/Egyptian/Sudanese “water woman; woman of wisdom”] SYN Water Mammy

Man from Taured – in July of 1954, a man who appeared at a Tokyo airport and showed a passport which gave his country of origin as the non-existent country of Taured, which when he pointed it out on a map, comprised modern-day Andorra; believers propose that this is evidence of a parallel universe, similar but different to our own, or of time travel SYN The Man Without a Country

Manipogo – a lake monster that lives in Lake Manitoba, Manitoba, CAN; it might be the same monster known as Winnepogo since Lake Winnipegosis is connected

Manitou /MAN-it-too/ – in Algonquian mythology, the fundamental life force that exists in all things; Aasha Monetoo gave the indigenous peoples the land after he created it [Monetoo “Spirit”] SYN Mantóac, Mnidoo, Gitche Manitou, Great Spirit

manitou sing. and pl. manidoog, manidoowag – in Algonquian mythology, elemental spirits that guard certain aspects of nature exp. the manitou of the buffalo hunt; a guardian spirit/s [mantóac “god/s”] SYN monetoo, mnidoo

mannequin people – supernatural beings having the appearance of pale mannequins, having no distinctive eyes or hair and only slits for a mouth, that are usually seen at random in groups and more rarely singly; most people report feeling creeped-out by their presence

manticore – a mythical Persian beast similar to the Egyptian sphinx; it has the body of a lion, a human head and a tail of venomous spines at the tip somewhat like porcupine quills although it was sometimes depicted with the tail of a scorpion; it was described by Ctesias, a Greek physician, in his 4th century BC book Indica [Farsi mardya + khowr “man-eater”] SYN merthykhuwar, mardykhor, martichoras, martichora, manticorus, mantichora

Mantis Man – a human-sized insect spotted by fishermen near the rivers of Hackettstown, NJ; the subject of Monsters and Mysteries in America S. 3, Ep. 8 SYN Musconetcong Mantis Man

Kathleen Marden – the niece of Betty Hill, the renowned abductee, who speaks on her behalf

Marduk /MAR-dook/ – the patron deity of the city of ancient Babylon; the son of Enki; one associated with Jupiter, water, vegetation, judgment and magic [Sumerian amar utu.k “solar calf”] SYN Mardochaios, Amar-Utu

Marfa Lights – strange low-lying lights seen southwest of Marfa, TX in Presidio County, which some attribute to ghosts and UFOs; the lights may be described as white, orange, red, blue or green, existing as a single light or be as multiples and be stationary or doing aberrant and impossible motions; scientists attribute them to atmospheric reflections of automobile headlights and campfires SYN Marfa Ghost Lights, Chinati Peak Lights

Marian apparition – the appearance of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, usually accompanied with a request of prayers or a church at that spot, advice or prophecy

Mark of the Beast – according to Revelation 13:16-17, either a brand, tattoo or signature placed on the right hand or the forehead of those who swear allegiance to the Anti-Christ during the End Times; nobody may buy or sell without it; in recent times, some understand this to be an implanted chip or a bar code SYN charagma

Mars – the Roman god of war and an agricultural guardian; the son of Jupiter and Juno; his Greek equivalent is Ares; the god after which the month of March is named [Maris, the name of an Etruscan child-god] SYN Mavors, Mavortis, Mamers, Mamertos

Martian – an alien being, usually depicted as humanoid, that is native to the planet Mars [1877, Cornhill Magazine and Scribner's Monthly, two magazines that published articles about the discovery of the moons of Mars]

Masada – an ancient city and fort of the Sicarii Jews, said to be haunted by the hundreds that jumped the cliffs in 74 AD in order to avoid a Roman conquest

Maury Island UFO incident – on June 21st, 1947, two harbor patrolmen, Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl, saw six donut-shaped UFOs fly over their boat and one dripped hot white metal onto them, killing a dog and then later, a man-in-black approached Dahl and warned him not to talk about it; investigators have not been able to confirm anything of their story and it's generally thought to be a hoax

medium – one who communicates with the dead SYN psychic medium, conduit, mouthpiece

Medusa – the winged Greek monster with live venomous snakes for hair strands; one who was beheaded by Perseus, who kept her head as a weapon in order to turn onlookers into stone; the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto [Greek Medousa “guardian, protectress”]

melonhead – of urban legend, deformed humanoids whose main feature is a large bulbous head who reside in the forests of MI, OH and CT and attack people and feed on babies; legend says that either they were children suffering from hydrocephalus who escaped an abusive asylum or that a Dr. Crow did nefarious experiments on children who were turned into melonheads and then escaped from him SYN wobblehead

Mel's Hole – an anomalous pit on a Manastash, WA farm formerly owned by Mel Waters that is a source of many strange phenomena, the strangest of which is that a neighbor's dead hunting dog was disposed of in the hole and then the neighbor claimed he later saw his dog running through the bush SYN Devil's Hole

Melusine /MEL-you-seen/ – a Nordic freshwater siren depicted as having the body of a serpent or fish below the waist and sometimes with two tails or wings or both; the logo of Starbucks SYN Melusina, Mélusine

Memphre /MEM-fray/ alt. Memphré – a lake monster that lives in Lake Memphremagog, Quebec, CAN

menehune /may-nay-HOO-nay/ sing. and pl. – a diminutive being; a mythical race of little people in Hawaii that are excellent craftsmen and predate the Hawaiian peoples SYN menahune, manahune
men-in-black – controversial government agents who show up asking questions of UFO witnesses and sometimes threatening them with harm for their silence SYN MIBs

Mercury alt. Mercurius – the Roman god of commerce, financial gain, poetry, eloquence, messages, communication, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; the guider of souls to the underworld [Latin merx “merchandise”; PIE merĝ “boundary”]

mermaid – a mythological sea creature having the upper part of a woman and the bottom part of a fish; depending on what culture, they are described as being anything from the voluptuous kind who save drowning men to the grotesque and scaly more-fish-than-human kind to the sinister, sharp-teethed, dark-eyed kind who look on with indifference at downed ships [English “maid of the mere”] SYN merbeing

merman pl. mermen – the masculine equivalent of a mermaid SYN merbeing

merrow – one of the merfolk [Cornish morhuch “sea-hog”] SYN murúch, murdhúchu, murdúchann, moruadh, moruach

Metatron – the name of an archangel in “The Book of Enoch” whose existence is controversial since this book is not accepted as canon in all faiths [Greek meta thronos “one who serves behind the throne”] SYN Mattatron, Recording Angel, Chancellor of Heaven

methamphetamine – a medicine that's associated with hallucinations as a side effect and may be the cause of ghosts and shadow beings among other things

mezuzah /muh-ZOO-zuh/ alt. mezuza pl. mezuzahs, mezuzas, mezuzot, mezuzoth – a hollow, cylindrical decoration that is nailed to a Jew's lintpost, and sometimes a Christian's as well, and filled with a parchment scroll of favored biblical scripture or if one prefers, the Ten Commandments [Hebrew “doorpost”]

Michael alt. Michahel – an archangel; the protector of the Jewish people; the one who leads the Army of God against Satan during the war in heaven prophesied in Revelation [Hebrew Mikha'el “who is like God”] SYN St. Michael

Mill Race Monster – a swamp beast that attacked people in Columbus, IN leading to the largest monster hunt in American history
mind over matter – having mental control over physical objects exp. psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation, meditative healing, spoon-bending

Minotaur /MEEN-noh-tawr/ – a legendary creature of Crete having the body of a man and the head of a bull, usually wielding an axe; the son of Queen Pasiphae, who procreated with a bull [Greek Minotauros “Minos's Bull”]

miracle – divine intervention, overcoming physical laws as we know them exp. the parting of the Red Sea, the prophet Daniel surviving the furnace [Latin miraculum “object of wonder”] SYN divine providence, signs and wonders

Miracle of the Sun – an event in which the sun did strange things in front of a large crowd in Fátima, Portugal on Oct. 13th, 1917 for appr. 10 minutes; a response to three shepherd children who claimed to speak with the Virgin Mary and that she promised a miracle on that day SYN Miracle of Fátima

mirror – a reflecting surface which holds various paranormal meanings to different people; in many pieces of fiction, they are used as portals to another world; after a death, some cover all the mirrors in the deceased person's home so that the person's spirit doesn't become trapped in them; in the parlor game of Bloody Mary, a mirror is used to summon her and also to possibly view the future; mirrors are also used in scrying SYN looking-glass, plane mirror

Missing 411 (2011-p) – a series of books by former police investigator David Paulides which details many strange and unexplained disappearances of people

missing time – a phenomenon in which somebody realizes that time, usually a few hours, has slipped by and there's no memory of what took place during that time; it's most often associated with alien abduction but can also be the result of a time slip, amnesia or the effects of drugs SYN time slip, dimensional slip

mo'ai /MOH∙ai/ sing. and pl. – the giant stone figures positioned along the coast and rifts on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and its islet, used to represent ancestral spirits and the guardians of the islands [Rapanui “statue”]

Mogollon Monster /MOH-gee-on MON-stuhr/ – a type of bigfoot thought to roam the forest of the Mogollon Rim region of mid-Arizona

mokèlé-mbèmbé /moh-KAY-lay-mih-BIM-bay/ – an aggressive creature resembling a brontosaurus said to exist in the swamplands of the Congo [Lingala “one who stops the flow of rivers”] SYN nsanga

Momo – a kind of bigfoot in MO and LA that has a reputation for attacking and killing dogs

Felix Moncla (1926-1953) – a USAF pilot who disappeared on Nov. 23rd, 1953 while attempting to intercept a UFO over Lake Superior; Robert L. Wilson, his fellow radar operator, also disappeared

Mondao /MAHN-dow/ pl. – terrifying mermaids of the South African/Zimbabwean region who are described as pale with long, dark hair and having glowing, red eyes SYN Mamogashwa, Kaaiman

Mongolian death worm – a giant 5-foot-long reddish worm said to inhabit the Gobi Desert; it first made its appearance in Roy Chapman Andrews's 1926 book On the Trail of Ancient Man SYN allghoi khorkhoi, olgoi khorkhoi, intestine worm

Monkey Man – a chimpanzee with red eyes wearing a helmet with one green and one orange headlight that jumps from building to building and attacks Delhi residents

monster – a beast; a creature of terrible nature [Latin monstrum] SYN monstrosity, brute, savage, abomination

MonsterQuest alt. Monster Quest, Monsterquest (2007-2010) – an American documentary series covering various cryptids; it originally aired on the History channel

Monsters and Mysteries in America (2013-2015) – an American documentary series that features three cryptids per episode; Lyle Blackburn served as its consultant

monstrophy /MON-stroh-fee/ – the academic study of the literary and cultural heritage of monsters

Montauk Monster /MON-tock MON-stuhr/ – a decaying animal that washed up on the Ditch Plains beach in Montauk, NY on July 12th, 2008; many thought it might have come from the controversial former animal testing facility known as Plum Island; it was identified as a raccoon carcass by both zoologists and cryptozoologists SYN Hound of Bonacville

Montauk Project – an alleged series of time travel experiments that took place at Camp Hero/Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island, NY; the legend, which began circulating in the 1980's, may have originated with the writings of Preston Nichols, who claims to have recovered repressed memories of his time working there SYN Montauk Experiment

Monte Cristo Homestead – a haunted Australian manor turned museum and antique shop located in Junee, New South Wales; the subject in an episode of Scream Test and Ghost Hunters International

moon landing hoax – a conspiracy theory which posits that the six historic moon landings of '69 - '72 never took place, that they were impossible given the technology at the time and that the live video feeds seen worldwide were staged so that the US could win the Space Race; proponents of the hoax point to alleged inconsistencies of physics

Morag /MORE-rag/ – a nickname given to a lake monster believed by some to live in Loch Morar, Scotland

morbid – characterized by having an abnormal interest in dark subjects, particularly death and disease [Latin morbidus “disease-obsessed”] SYN ghoulish, macabre, gruesome, grisly, grotesque, ghastly

Morgan House – a colonial mansion from the 1930's turned hotel in Kalimpong, West Bengal, India that is haunted by Lady Morgan

Morgellon's Disease /more-GELL-luhnz dih-zeez/ – an unsubstantiated and therefore controversial skin disease which sufferers claim produces skin lesions from which various small fibers erupt and feels like bugs crawling under their skin; after a review, the CDC concluded that the fibers were nothing more than cotton from the wearer's clothing and that patients had Munchausen Syndrome or a form of mass delusion; nevertheless, the internet posits many conspiracy theories for its origin, including biological warfare or a disease sent by extraterrestrials [2001, Mary Leitao, who found a similar description from a medical treatise entitled A Letter to a Friend (1690)] SYN filamentous borrelial dermatitis, delusional parasitosis

morgen /MORE-guhn/ alt. morgan – a seductive Welsh/Breton water spirit that drowns men and floods villages SYN mari-morgan

moribund /MORE-rih-bund/ – near death [Latin moribundus “death-bound”] SYN on one's deathbed, at death's door, breathing one's last, fading/sinking fast, not long for this world, in extremis

Mormonism – a religion of Utah that accepts The Book of Mormon as canon; it's controversial for many of its beliefs: eternal marriage, polygamy, that men become gods if they bear sons, that ones who die as babies become angels, that black men are painted black because of sin and that the lost tribe of Israel became two warring Native American factions (despite DNA evidence to the contrary) [the warrior, Mormon] SYN The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS Church, Community of Christ

Moroni /more-ROHN-nai/ – an angel in Mormonism who led Joseph Smith to the burial place of the golden plates, later becoming The Book of Mormon; the sculpted angel blowing a horn which appears on top of Mormon temples [Moroni, son of Mormon]

Morristown UFO hoax – floating red lights seen in Morristown, NJ on five separate occasions: Jan. 5th, Jan. 26th, Jan. 29th, Feb. 7th and Feb. 17th of 2009; although it was meant as a social experiment, Joe Rudy and Chris Russo were charged with disorderly conduct, fined $250 and sentenced to 50 hours of community service

Mothman – a dark, upright winged beast that was sighted on several occasions in Point Pleasant, WV from 1966-67; the creature is associated with the collapse of the Silver Bridge and is a harbinger of doom

The Mothman Prophecies (1975) – a book by John Keel about his investigation into the Mothman, a large, winged creature that was sighted from 1966-67 in Point Pleasant, WV; it later inspired a 2002 mystery film by the same title

Mountain Monsters (2013-2017) – an American TV series starring six West Virginian hunters that attempt to capture evidence of cryptic creatures known to lurk in the Appalachian Mountains; they are John Tice, Jacob Lowe, Joseph Lott, Jeff Headlee, Willy McQuillian and William Neff

MUFON /MOO-fahn/ – Mutual UFO Network; a website where one can report their own UFO experience and receive a case #

mumiai /MOO-mee-ai/ – a spirit of India that behaves in the manner of a poltergeist and persecutes those of a lower caste

Murigen /MORE-rih-gehn/ – in Welsh mythology, the goddess of lakes and flooding SYN Morgan

Muslim – an adherent of the prophet Muhammad and The Noble Quran; a worshipper of Allah [Arabic “one who submits”] SYN Moor, Saracen, Muhammadan, Muhammadian

My Ghost Story (2010-2013) – a TV show that endured for six seasons on the Biography Channel; guest speakers gave their version of events regarding personal ghost stories

Myrtles Plantation – a former antebellum plantation turned B&B in St. Francisville, LA that is haunted by 12 ghosts, including Chloe, a slave whose ear was cut off for eavesdropping

mystic – used specifically to refer to psychics, mediums and saints; anybody who claims a paranormal experience SYN experiencer

“My Way Killings” – a string of random karaoke murders associated with Frank Sinatra's song, esp. in the Philippines, the cause of which is said to be a curse


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