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nagual NAH·wahl alt. nahual – in Mesoamerican folk religion, a person who can transform into a jaguar [Aztec na'hualli “magician”] SYN were-jaguar

naiad NAI-ad pl. naiads, naiades – in classical mythology, a type of nymph associated with bodies of fresh water [Greek náein “flowing”] SYN naiás

Naitaka – a lake monster living in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, CAN that resembles a long, winding snake with two pairs of flippers; a creature that bears a striking resemblance to Manipogo and the underwater panther of Algonquian myth [Salish “lake demon”] SYN Ogopogo

Nale Ba Witch – in the 90's, a witch that roamed the streets of Bangalore, knocked on random doors and called out to potential murder victims in the voice of their mother; people wrote “Nale ba” upon their doors, meaning “Come tomorrow”, so that the witch would obey but never meet with the occupiers

NDE pl. NDEs – near-death experience; an out-of-body experience one may go through at a hospital which usually entails seeing their own lifeless body on a hospital bed, seeing a welcoming light at the end of a tunnel, feeling hands all over, hearing music, seeing one's memories as if on a screen, seeing Jesus on a throne, feelings of peace, a vision of Hell and seeing and talking with loved ones who've already passed away SYN deathbed phenomenon, DRSE (death-related sensory experience), OOBE (out-of-body experience), autoscopy

necromancer – one who attempts communication with the dead exp. the Witch of Endor SYN occultist, diviner

necromancy – the practice of magic involving communication with the deceased by either summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily [Greek nekromanteía “divination by means of a dead body”] SYN divination, conjuration

“The Necronomicon” – a fictional book of the dead created by and incorporated into various stories by horror writer H.P. Lovecraft
necrophobia – the fear of death, dying and dead bodies

Nellis Air Force Base – a military proving ground and former WWII nuclear bomb testing facility outside of Rachel, NV; the air force base that encompasses Area 51, believed to be experimenting with UFO-inspired technology SYN LSV, KLSV, McCarran Field, Las Vegas Air Force Base, Las Vegas Army Airfield

Nemesis NIM-muh-sihs – the Greek goddess of revenge and a balancer of good and evil; the daughter of Erebus and Nyx; her Roman equivalent is Invidia [Greek “giver of what is due”] SYN Rhamnousia, Rhamnusia, Adrasteia, Adrestia

Nephilim NEF-fill-LEEM – according to Genesis 6:1-4, the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” before the Deluge; half-human/half-angel hybrids that displayed giantism alongside other “giants” in Genesis 6:4, which may have been an early reference to dinosaurs; the progenitors of the Anakites (of the Annunaki), who inhabited Canaan during the Israeli exodus, as written in Numbers 13 [Hebrew nphl “fall”] SYN fallen angels

Neptune – the god of waters; the son of Saturn and Ops; his Greek counterpart is Poseidon [PIE “one who is from the waters”]

Nike NAI-kee – the goddess of victory, speed and strength; the daughter of Pallas and Styx; her Roman counterpart is Victoria [Greek Níke “victory”]

nix alt. nyx, nixy, fem. nixie, Nixe pl. nokken, näcken, nykur, Nykkjen – in German mythology, a shape-shifting and sometimes invisible water being, usually depicted as half-human and half-fish, that lives in a beautiful underwater palace; they abduct human children, lure people to death by drowning, love music and dancing and have the gift of prophecy [Sanskrit nénekti “washing”; Swedish naken “nude”] SYN neck, nek, nok, nicor, nikker, nekker, näck, näkki, nøkk, Nyk

The Noble Quran (early 600's AD) – a collection of 114 surahs (chapters) as recited by the prophet Muhammed which serves as the holy book of the Muslims; a book that justifies killing non-believers (Al-Baqarah 2:190-191), promises compensation for killing Jews and Christians (An-Nisaa' 4:74), justifies honor killings (Al-Kahf 18:65-82), promotes wife-beating (An-Nisaa' 4:34) and encourages lying for the sake of Islam (Al-Imraan 3:28) [Arabic al-quran “the recitation”] SYN koran

George Noory (1950-p) – since Jan. 2003, the permanent host/commentator of Coast to Coast AM

NORAD NOOR-rad – North American Aerospace Defense Command; a military installation headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base near Colorado Springs, Colorado that provides intelligence about potential aerospace and maritime attacks; relevant to paranormal discussions because they have the necessary equipment to detect UFOs SYN North American Air Defense Command

Nordic – a type of alien being reported by some abductees, who describe them as tall and muscle-bound with blonde hair and wide, blue eyes, somewhat like a Norwegian

Nostradamus (1503-1566) – a controversial French seer and Jewish prophet, who by trade was a doctor; he earned notoriety after accurately predicting the early death of King Henry II by a jousting accident AKA Michel de Nostredame

Nox – the Greek goddess of night and the mother of all other personification gods; a goddess whom Zeus feared [Greek nyx “night”]

NUFORC NEW-fork – National UFO Reporting Center; directed by Peter Davenport, a site that takes and catalogs UFO sightings

nyctaphilia – a love of the night, dark SYN nyctophilia, scotophilia

nyctaphiliac – a lover of nighttime SYN nyctaphile, nyctophiliac, nyctophile, scotophiliac, scotophile, night owl

nymph nimf pl. nymphs, nymphae – a minor female water deity, usually depicted as a young, nubile maiden, that is associated with a particular location, such as one part of the night sky, a certain forest or a specific spring or river; a dancing nature spirit in either Latin or Greek mythology of which hundreds are named in ancient stories; the object of a satyr's affection [Greek “marriageable young woman”] SYN naiad, oceanid, dryad, lympha, sylph


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