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rabbi pl. rabbis, rabanim – a scholar of the Jewish faith; a Levite [Hebrew “my master”]

radiesthesia RAY-dees-THEEZ-zee-uh ; RAY-dees-THEEDZ-dzuh – using divining rods or a pendulum, a divination technique used to diagnose health conditions, find missing persons and determine the culpability of suspects among other things [Latin and Greek radi- + aesthesis “radiation-sensing”]

Rake – a legendary monster that was created in a 4chan forum in 2005; a tall, spindly humanoid creature, with pale skin, two large, dark eyes and a hinged mouth full of dull teeth, that goes about through suburban neighborhoods on all fours, seeking to terrorize teenagers who are doing wrong

rakshasa – a shape-shifting, cannabalistic evil spirit, thought to take on the appearance of those people known to you for the purpose of gaining access to you, which can only be killed by being shot with the blessed golden darts of Buddha; a female rakshasa is called a rakshasi; a creature similar to a tulpa or doppelganger [Hindi rakshama, Brahma's cry for help] SYN maneater, yatudhana

James Randi (1928-p) – a retired stage magician and challenger of paranormal and pseudoscientific claims; the co-founder of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry; the progenitor of the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge which offers prize money to anybody who can demonstrate they have a supernatural ability under scientific scrutiny AKA Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, “The Amazing Randi”

Raphael alt. Rafa'el – an archangel; one of three angels who appeared to Abraham at the oak grove in Mamre [Hebrew “God heals”] SYN St. Raphael, Angel of Tobit, Angel of the Trumpet

Rapture – an event foretold in biblical writings in which the followers of Christ are “snatched” off the Earth in order to spare them the coming tribulation and Armageddon; a promise of safety made by God in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 [Latin raptus “a carrying off”] SYN harpazo

rapture – a “skip” in and out of existence, either between places or dimensions exp. what happened to Gil Peréz and St. Paul SYN steal away

Rare Earth hypothesis – the idea that complex life on Earth arose from a set of numerous and highly improbable circumstances and therefore intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is rare, if not a singularity [Rare Earth: Why Complex Life Is Uncommon in the Universe (2000)]

Rasputin ras-PYOO-tin (1869-1916) – a Russian mystic and healer who befriended the family of Tsar Nicholas II AKA Father Grigori, Grigori Rasputin

Rastafarianism – a religion and counterculture, which developed in Jamaica during the 1930's, whose adherents believe that God's name is Jah, that he exists in part in everybody and that the former emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, was Jah incarnate [Ras Tafari Makonen was Haile Selassie's pre-regnal name, ras meaning “duke”] SYN Rastafari, Rastalogy

reading – an interpretation of information given to a person skilled in the art exp. séances, palmistry and tasseography depend on one person who interprets the results to a sitter and/or an audience

rebob REE-bob – a legendary flying monkey, somewhat like the Wheelers from Return to Oz, said to haunt drivers on Partrick Road of Napa Valley after dark; featured in Monsters and Mysteries in America, S. 3, Ep. 7

Nick Redfern (1964-p) – a cryptozoologist; the author of The NASA Conspiracies (2010), The World's Weirdest Places (2012) and Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind (2014)

reincarnation – a physical rebirth after one has already lived a former physical life; many cultures outside of Buddhism also believe in reincarnation SYN rebirth, transmigration, metempsychosis

remote viewing – seeing distant factual scenes live, as on a TV screen, before one's eyes without having previous knowledge of those scenes SYN RV, ESP, telesthesia, clairvoyance, traveling clairvoyance, inner eye

REM pod – radiating electromagneticity; a puck-shaped device that uses a short internal antenna or an external mini-antenna to surround itself with a magnetic field, which if disturbed by energy or a ghost, causes its LEDs to light up and a buzzer to go off; it's a favored device used by ghost hunting teams such as T.A.P.S.

Rendlesham Forest UFO incident – two UFO reports, one on Dec. 26th, 1980 and another on Dec. 28th, which describe strange light displays, high Geiger counts and markings in the dirt outside of RAF Woodbridge Base in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, ENG; investigators have dismissed the reports as a beam of light from a nearby lighthouse SYN “Britain's Roswell”

repressed psychokinetic energy – not to be confused with poltergeist activity, an unconscious psychic force produced suddenly by one who is in physical or mental turmoil

reptilian rep-TILL-yen – a humanoid with distinctly reptile-like features, such as scaly skin, transparent eyelids, forked tongue, holes for ears, claws, etc.; some believe they are earthly or interdimensional monsters while others believe they are aliens or alien/human hybrids SYN dinosauroid, saurian, reptoid, lizard man, snake man, draconian

residual haunting – a psychic imprint of history, usually involving ghosts that seem unaware of the whole thing, that is repeatedly played out as if on loop; it may be a dramatic, even a terrifying scene, or it may be something mundane but for whatever reason, there is energy left over at that particular spot; residual hauntings tend to occur at specific intervals such as a certain time every day or night or in the case of anniversary imprints, once a year

Resurrection Mary – an urban legend that has been passed around orally since the 30's; the basic legend goes that some traveler on a dark, country road sees a girl walking on the side, gives her a lift and by the time the driver arrives at their destination, discovers the girl is gone, only to learn later that the girl died years ago trying to make it home to her parents SYN Vanishing Hitchhiker

revenant – one who returns from the dead to haunt the living, either as a visible ghost or an animated corpse [French “returning”]

reverse engineering – the breakdown and analysis of an advanced technology in order to understand it and possibly build a prototype or whole line; used when referring to alleged intercepted alien technology, such as the bell-shaped UFO that crashed in Kecksburg [1973] SYN back engineering

Pam Reynolds (1956-2010) – a singer, who in 1991 at the age of 35, reported having a near-death experience while undergoing brain surgery at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ and was able to accurately describe things that happened in the OR; it remains one of the best documented cases of an NDE AKA Pam Reynolds Lowery

River Styx RIH-ver stiks – in Greek mythology, one of some rivers that converge and create a great marsh which forms the boundary between Earth and the underworld

Robertson Panel – headed by Howard P. Robertson, a scientific committee that met in Jan. 1953 as a result of a CIA review of Project Blue Book and concluded several things – that UFOs were not a direct threat to national security (but could be an indirect threat if they tied up military communications due to public interest), the vast majority of UFOs are various misidentified earthly vessels, the public needed to be educated on these misidentifications so as to reduce the number of faulty reports and civilian UFO organizations needed monitoring; their research and conclusions came to be known as the Durant Report

Robert the Doll – a cursed/possessed doll formerly owned by Robert Eugene Otto that brings bad luck onto anyone who disrespects him or takes his picture without his permission; he resides in a glass case at the East Martello Museum in Key West, FL; legend says that the doll is responsible for various personal disasters such as accidents, injuries, divorces, job losses, etc. SYN Robert, Robert the Haunted Doll, Robert the Enchanted Doll

roc rahk – in Middle East mythology, an enormous bird of prey; it may have been the Malagasy crowned eagle, which went extinct c1500 SYN rukh, rokh, rux, ruḵ, ruḵḵ

rock flyer – in Native American lore, a being of light that lives inside rocks and can fly and interact with people, somewhat like an angel; some speculate that the “fetal seal” that came out of a bottomless pit in Nevada and healed Mel Waters of esophageal cancer was really a rock flyer SYN totem

Stan Romanek (1962-p) – a supposed multiple alien abductee and contactee; his claims include taking photos and grainy film footage of aliens on his property, meeting his “alien-approved wife”, receiving phone calls from aliens and having vivid dreams in which he received “complex” math formulas; the subject of Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story (2013) AKA Starseed

ropen ROH-pen – a nocturnal flying creature witnessed on Umboi Island, PNG that resembles a glowing pterosaur; the subject of MonsterQuest, Ep. 315.49 [Kovai “demon flyer”] SYN indava, rhamphorhynchoid

Roswell (New Mexico) UFO crash incident – in July of 1947, a media frenzy that ensued when an initially-reported UFO crash was changed by the RAAF to a weather balloon crash when they realized it was a classified nuclear test surveillance balloon and then re-ensued in the 70's after Stanton Friedman and other ufologists interviewed witnesses and concluded that the government had covered up a UFO crash and an alien body recovery

rougarou ROO-gah-roo – a werewolf found in Quebec and French Louisiana; belief in the rougarou is used to get people to behave – those children who wander too far from home will be found and eaten by the rougarou and those adults who don't follow the rules of Lent will be attacked and killed by the rougarou [French loup-garou “wolf-man”] SYN roux-ga-roux, rugaroo, rugaru

runes roonz (1) – usually Old Norse, letters with magic significance

runes roonz (2) – pebbles, bone chips and other small items bearing magic letters that are rolled and then interpreted [Old Norse rúnir “magic signs”]

rusalka roo-SAL-kah pl. rusalki – in Slavic folklore, a female entity who's associated with water and hostile to people, somewhat like an evil nymph; the myth may have stemmed from Slavic pagans who saw rusalki as creatures who transfer the water from the rivers to the crops, thus they are benign agricultural beings; it was later that the rusalka became known in many evil variations – as one of the undead, as the soul of an unhappy woman who drowned herself or an unwed pregnant woman who is drowned by her lover that is cursed and must live out her remaining days as a rusalka, as a beautiful creature that lures men into the water to drown, etc.

RVP pl. RVPs – radio voice phenomenon; the voice of a deceased person received through the use of white noise on a radio; without a radio, it wouldn't be audible at all SYN ghost voice, disembodied voice


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