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sabbat SEH-bet – a midnight gathering of witches to practice their sorcery or participate in a demonic orgy; based on the sun, one of eight Wiccan holidays – Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon and Samhain [Hebrew shabbat “rest;cessation”] SYN sabbath

Sabine Thing SAH-bin thing – a terrifying gray ape-like creature that stalks along the Sabine R. on the TX/LA border

Corina Saebels – a Canadian abductee; the author of The Collectors; the subject of Alien Mysteries, #1.3

sage (1) – an herb of the mint family that is burned throughout a house during a cleansing or exorcism [Latin salvia “save”] SYN salvia officinalis, S. salvatrix, common sage, garden sage, elelisphakos

sage (2) – according to Plato, one who becomes righteous and wise [Latin sapere “to be in the know”] SYN wise man

sage (3) – in the Asian sense, one who is enlightened [Latin sapere “to be in the know”] SYN wise man, guru

Sagittarius – the ninth of the Zodiac signs, symbolized by an archer

saint – one who is recognized for having exemplary holiness or closeness to God exp. St. Joan of Arc, St. Patrick [Latin sanctus “set apart”] SYN holy person, glorified soul, pietist

St. Bernadette (1844-1879) – a young Occitan girl who was visited in 1858 by the Virgin Mary, who requested that a church be built at the cave-grotto at Massabielle; one whose incorruptible corpse is on display in a crystal reliquary AKA Bernadette Soubirous, Bernadeta Sobirós

St. Christopher – a medal engraved with the image of St. Christopher, the patron of travelers, which when worn or kept (esp. in a car) prevents ill fortune and accidents

St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) – a renowned stigmatic and the first recorded person of Christian history to suffer Christ's wounds; an Italian saint who founded the men's Order of Friars Minor, the women’s Order of Saint Clare, the Third Order of Saint Francis and the Custody of the Holy Land AKA Francesco, Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, San Francesco d'Assisi

St. Jude – one of the twelve apostles; the patron saint of lost causes; prayers are directed to this saint during the worst of times

St. Malachy saynt MEHL-luh-kee (1094-1148) – an Irish saint; one who is credited as having authored “The Prophecy of the Popes”, a vision of the coming 112 popes in succession AKA Malachus, Máel Máedóc, Máel Ua Morgair

St. Wolfgang and the Devil (1475) – a painting by Michael Pacher which depicts a legend that says that Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg accidentally asked the Devil to help him build a church because nobody else would help so in return the Devil presented an agreement to him stating that after completion he'll take the soul of the first person who enters it and the bishop agreed, however, the first being to enter was a wolf; it's part of an altarpiece at Alte Pinakothek Church, Munich SYN St. Augustine and the Devil, The Devil Presenting St. Augustine With The Book Of Vices

salamander – a lizard-like amphibian that was associated with fire in antiquity; according to Paracelsus, an elemental of fire; in The Talmud, a product of fire and anyone who is smeared with its blood becomes immune to the harm fire can cause; these ideas may have stemmed from people who brought home logs and set them ablaze only to see hidden salamanders dodge the flames

Salem Witch Trials – a series of trials that took place in several towns of colonial MA from Feb. 1692 to May 1693 that resulted in the execution by hanging of 20 alleged witches, save one Giles Corey, who chose to be pressed to death; now when a suspect is being pursued relentlessly with a lynch-mob mentality, it is called a “witch hunt”

salt – NaCl; a mineral that is used to circumvent one's property to sanctify it and keep out evil spirits

Samhain sow-WEEN alt. Samhainn, Samhuin, Samhuinn, Samain – a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season on Oct. 31st in the N. hemisphere; it's celebrated by the Irish, Scottish and Manx and by Wiccans [Irish “Summer's End”] SYN Sauin, Halloween

sandalwood – in India, incense used for anointing and funeral pyres; for Zoroastrians, it's used during religious ceremonies to keep the sacred fire burning; in America, the wood chips can be added to mojo bags to evoke safety, peace and health; in magic, it's associated with wish-making SYN sandal, santal, santalum album, white sandalwood, yellow sandalwood, white saunders, vhandana

Ivan Sanderson (1911-1973) – a Scottish biologist, ethnologist and paranormal essayist; the founder of the Ivan T. Sanderson Foundation, which became the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU), a non-profit that investigated strange phenomena being ignored by mainstream science; the one who coined the term cryptozoology; he also observed that the sites of many advanced ancient cities and places of mystery are located where ley lines cross

sanguivoriphobia SEHNG-gwih-VOR-rih-FOH-bee-uh – the fear of vampires

Santa Muerte SAN-tuh MWER-tay – a Mexican female skeleton deity clad in a robe and holding a scepter; the personification of death; her veneration has been condemned by the Catholic Church, even so, she is popular most among the working class, the underprivileged and petty criminals [Spanish “Holy Death”] SYN Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, Santísima Muerte, La Flaca, La Flaquita, La Huesuda, La Niña Blanca, La Hermana Blanca, Señora Blanca, Señora Negra, La Niña Bonita, La Dama Poderosa, La Madrina, Señora de las Sombras, Señora de la Noche, Niña Santa, Santa Sebastiana, Doña Bella Sebastiana, Mictecacihuatl

San Xavier del Bac Mission sahn HAV-vee-air del BAK MISH-shin – a beautiful Franciscan mission just south of Tucson, AZ that's haunted by a nun and some children who died in a fire SYN “White Dove of the Desert”

sasquatch SEHS-kwatch pl. sasquatches, se’sxac – borne of indigenous legends, a large hairy bipedal primate that mostly lives in the forests of the Northwestern US and Canada and elsewhere across the US to a lesser extent [Salish sasq’ets “wild man”, Indian Agent JW Burns, c1920's] SYN bigfoot, ts'emekwes, skunk ape, skookum, grassman, booger, yowie, yeren and many others depending on locale

Satan – the principal fallen angel who is worshipped by other fallen angels [Hebrew “adversary”] SYN Shaytan, Shaitan, Devil, Lucifer

The Satanic Bible (1969) – a collection of essays and invocations written by Anton LaVey and organized into four books; the authoritative text of LaVeyan Satanism

Satanist – one who worships Satan; a member of the Church of Satan; one who practices witchcraft; in other circles, one who professes to worship Satan but is really an athiest and says this out of sarcasm for religiosity SYN Luciferian

satanophobia – the fear of Satan

Saturn alt. Saturnus – the Roman god of time, generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation; the son of Caelus and Terra; his Greek counterpart is Cronus; the god after which Saturday is named [Latin satu “sowing”] SYN Saeturnus

Saturnalia SEHT-turn-NAIL-yuh – the ancient Roman festival of Saturn that lasts for a week in late December; it was/still is observed with gift-giving, feasting, public sacrifice and gambling; the predecessor of Christmas

satyr SEH-tai-er pl. satyrs – in Greek mythology, one of the male companions in the cohort of Dionysus; they are depicted as like men but having horse ears and a tail, sometimes having the legs of a horse and other times not, and are known for their pipe-playing, dancing, love of wine, chasing women and exaggerated erections [Greek satyros “he-goat”] SYN saturos, faun, ljeschi

Saucer at the Tomb of Jesus (11th cen. AD) – a fresco at the Museo Soccero Vaticano, Rome which depicts three angels opening the door to Jesus's empty tomb while a huge seemingly concave snow-cap UFO hovers above them and even seems to point a beam of light downwards

scepter alt. sceptre – an ornamental staff carried by royalty to symbolize one's sovereignty; it's thought by some that the use of scepters by the Pope, other religious persons and royalty was inspired by claims of aliens using scepters

Scole Experiment skol eks-SPIR-ruh-ment (1993-1998) – a five-year experiment initiated by two couples, Alan and Diana Bennett and Robin and Sandra Foy, for the purpose of proving the existence of an afterlife, which resulted in various kinds of recorded phenomena and many witnesses, including scientists

Scorpio – the eighth of the Zodiac signs, symbolized by a scorpion

scrying – the practice of gazing into a suitable medium, like a crystal ball, a mirror, obsidian, a flame or a bowl of water, in order to receive significant messages or visions exp. Nostradamus received his visions in a water bowl [Latin describere “perceive”] SYN divination, fortune-telling, seeing, peeping

Scylla SILL-luh alt. Skylla – in Greek mythology, a chimeric sea monster that lives on the rocks opposite a whirlpool in a narrow strait (often the Strait of Messina) so that ships passing through would be dangerously close to one or the other; the expression “between Scylla and Charybdis” is akin to “between a rock and a hard place”

sea monster – a generic term for any sea-abiding beast of a cryptic nature; to date, giant squids have proven to be real, growing up to about 40 ft. long and living in all of the world's seas exp. Nessie, leviathan, phaya naga, kraken

séance SAY-ahns alt. seance – a small group of people who sit in a circle and combine their energy to contact ghosts, who will use the head of the group, the medium, to relay messages [French “session”] SYN channeling, mediumship, necromancy

Second Coming – the imminent return of Jesus Christ in carnate form to Earth after having been crucified SYN Second Advent, Epiphany, Parousia

Sedona, AZ – a town set among the red mountains of N. Arizona which is a hotspot for UFOs and mystical experiences

selkie pl. selkie fowk – in Scottish mythology, a seal creature that can shed its skin and change into a human; one of the seal folk [Scottish selch “gray seal”] SYN silkie, sylkie, selchie, selky, silkey, seilkie, sejlki, saelkie

seraph SAIR-ref alt. saraph, seraphus pl. seraphs, seraphim, seraphims, seraphin – a six-winged angel with multiple eyes who flies around the throne of God [Hebrew “burning”]

SETI SEH-tee – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence; a program and collaborative effort in which many people, sometimes from NASA but mostly independent participants, have turned their radio telescopes to the sky hoping to catch an extraterrestrial signal and thus prove the existence of alien life SYN SETI Institute, SETI League

72 virgins – virgins that are promised to a Muslim who sacrifices himself to the “cause” of Islam; a promise of 72 virgins written of, not in The Noble Quran like many believe, but in The Hadith, a separate book which records Muslim history, and declared by the imams to be sahih (true)

shade – in Near East religion and Greek literature, the spirit of a dead person, inhabiting the underworld SYN skiá, death-shadow, umbra, ombra

shadow beings – dark humanoids without distinct faces and features; best described as shadows, they often spook people with their presence and are witnessed in dirty places, like near dumpsters or in bathrooms, or are otherwise seen in haunted places, at the foot of beds or in hospitals by people who are about to pass away SYN shadow people, shadow figures, black masses

Shag Harbour UFO incident – a report that a large unknown object crashed into the water off of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, CAN on Oct. 4th, 1967; it was never officially identified and so it remains a UFO de facto

shaman SHAH-mehn ; SHAY-mehn ; SHAH-mahn – an elder in some tribes that gives advice; a medicine man [Tungus (Siberia) šaman] SYN witch doctor, healer

Shamballa SHAHM-bah-lah – in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, a mythical kingdom where the future Buddha resides SYN Shambala, Shambhala, Xembala

shape-shifter – a generic term for a creature that's capable of changing form and posing as an animal or a human; no matter what culture, the concept is nearly universal exp. werewolf, ailuranthrope, witch's familiar, puca, selkie, kelpie, wendigo, skinwalker, genie, tulpa

shape-shifting – whether intentional or not, the ability to change one's form exp. lycanthropy, kynanthropy, cynanthropy, ailuranthropy SYN therianthropy, morphing

Shaytan shay-TAHN alt. Shaitan – Satan; the name of Satan as it appears in The Noble Quran [Arabic “deceiver, slanderer”] SYN Devil, Lucifer

shaytan shay-TAHN alt. shaitan pl. shayateen – a devil or demon; in Islamic mythology, a genie who means harm [Arabic “deceiver, slanderer”] SYN ifrit

shedu SHEH-doo pl. shedim – a protective Assyrian god depicted as having a human's head, the body of a bull or lion and eagle's wings; the masculine counterpart of a lamassu [Akkadian šedu “protective deity”; Aramaic sheda “demon”] SYN cherub, lamassu

sheepsquatch – in VA and W. Virginia, a terrifying carnivorous quadruped with woolly white hair and a set of horns that has been reported since the mid-90's; the smell of sulfur is associated with the beast [sheep + sasquatch] SYN White Thing

Shenango Dog-Boy – a black-haired bipedal beast that occasionally scares the farming communities of Western PA SYN Shenango Valley Werewolf, Black Beast of West Middlesex

Shintoism – the ancient religion of Japan [“the way of the gods”] SYN Shinto, Shindo, Jindo, kami-no-michi

Shroud of Turin – a linen cloth that supposedly wrapped the body of Christ when he was entombed and from which he emerged at resurrection; it's housed in the royal chapel at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy SYN Turin Shroud, Sacra Sindone

Shuck – a spectral black dog with glowing yellow eyes in the UK, the sighting of which signals death within a year to the seer SYN Old Shuck, Black Shuck

siddhi SID-dee pl. siddhis – enlightenment; mystical knowledge; a paranormal power that a siddhar attains through the practice of yoga and meditation exp. flying through the air, walking through solid objects, controlling nature, overcoming one's physical needs, astral projection and mind-reading [Sanskrit “perfection, success”] SYN iddhi, rddhi, ṛddhi, abhijña

sigbin alt. sigben – in Filipino lore, a foul-smelling creature resembling a long-eared dog that emerges at night to seek blood; it's dark-haired and has hind legs longer than its front legs, somewhat like a kangaroo; it can walk backwards and become invisible; legend says that Sigbinan (rich family members) keep them in jars and release them to do their bidding; the recent discovery of the cat-fox of Borneo have led some to believe that it is the origin of the sigbin SYN zegben

Sightings (1991-1997) – created and produced by Linda Moulton Howe, an American documentary series presented in the style of a news report about various phenomena such as UFOs, ghosts, psychics, cryptids and the dark arts

Sigma Nu House SIG-muh noo hows – a fraternity house in Lawrence, KS that's haunted by Virginia, who was the servant and mistress of Gov. Walter Stubbs

Sikh seek – one whose beliefs include faith, meditation on the name of the one creator, divine unity, equality of all humankind, selfless service, justice for the benefit and prosperity of all and honest conduct and livelihood; a worshipper of Waheguru [Punjabi śiṣya “disciple”]

Sikhism SEEK-kizm – a monotheistic religion founded in the Punjab region of India in the 15th century by Guru Nanak SYN Sikhi

Silver Cord – a metaphor of the soul being attached to the body, as mentioned in Ecclesiastes 12:6; some have come to believe in a physical cord and others do report seeing a silver cord during out-of-body experiences SYN life thread, sutratma

siren – a lyre-playing female creature having traits of both women and sparrows that lures sailors to their deaths by having them shipwreck on the rocky coasts of some Greek islands; sometimes they are depicted as singing mermaids [Greek “binder, entangler”] SYN daughter of Phorcys

Sirenusas sihr-ren-NOOS-suhs – an archipelago of small islands off the Amalfi Coast of Italy that is the abode of sirens SYN Le Sirenuse, Gallos

Sister Agnes (1931-p) – a nun living in Yuzawadai, Akita, Japan who, beginning in 1973, witnessed several miracles: she was visited by the Virgin Mary, saw a wooden statue of Our Lady weep, experienced stigmata on her hands and was cured of deafness AKA Katsuko Sasagawa

666 – the number of man written of in Revelation 13:18; a number associated with the Devil

sixth sense – perception independent of the usual five senses SYN intuition, clairvoyance, sensitivity, third eye, inner eye

Skeleton Man – despite being the Lord of the Dead in Hopi mythology, he is a cultural hero who taught them about agriculture and the dangers of the world yet he is also a womanizer and a klutz; somewhat like a guardian angel, he takes care of the Hopi in the afterlife SYN Maasawu, Maasawi, Masawu, Maasaw, Masaaw, Masauwu, Masaw, Másaw, Masao, Masau'u, Mosau'u

skeptic – someone who questions any putative knowledge or commonly accepted opinion SYN doubter, cynic

skinwalker – of Navajo mythology, a person who kills somebody in order to gain the power of shape-shifting into various animals, such as owls and coyotes; a type of witch, in contrast to something good and trustworthy like a medicine man SYN 'ánti'įhnii, yee naaldlooshii

Skinwalker Ranch – a property outside Ballard, UT that was revealed by journalist George Knapp to have a wide array of paranormal activity; this includes UFOs, crop circles, cattle mutilation, bigfoots, ghosts, glowing orbs and animals with red eyes that would not lie down when shot SYN Sherman Ranch, UFO Ranch

skookum alt. skoocoom – a bigfoot living on Mount St. Helens with a taste for human flesh [Chinook (of WA State) “monstrous”]

skunk ape – a large and hairy bipedal bigfoot-type creature with a foul odor inhabiting FL, NC and AR SYN swamp ape, swamp cabbage man, stink ape, myakka ape, myakka skunk ape, Florida bigfoot, Louisiana bigfoot, swampsquatch

sleep paralysis – an intense condition of interrupted sleep in which one can not move (no matter how hard they try) but is mentally alert, in a semi-dream state and can sense things around them, and in some cases, be frightened by a type of bogey, such as a shadowy figure or the Old Hag; relevant in paranormal circles because some psychologists believe that a claim of alien abduction is a symptom of a sleep paralysis episode that is taken as fact; also, because according to a YouTube documentary, The Entity, the visions associated with sleep paralysis are thought to be ghostly or demonic and possibly real SYN night terror, waking nightmare, nocturnal fury

Sleipnir SLAYP-nihr – the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin, who transports the dead to the underworld [Old Norse “slippy”]

Slenderman – a paranormal entity created by Eric Knudsen in 2009 on a thread in a Something Awful forum; it's depicted as being a tall, pale humanoid with a nondescript face wearing a black suit and its desire is to abduct lone children

slider alt. SLIder – a person who alters electronics, sometimes with dramatic consequences, just by being near them, the reason of which has not been identified or yet proven exp. a common issue for one is not owning a cell phone or TV for long [“street light interference” + der] SYN electric person, magnetic person

smudge stick – a tied bundle of herbs, such as white sage, palo santo, red cedar or sweetgrass, that is burned during a traditional ceremony to impart a blessing or repel evil influences SYN sage bundle

smudging – burning a smudge stick throughout a location to purify it SYN blessing, cleansing, banishment

snake worship – reverence of snakes or snake deities exp. Mami Wata (Africa), Jory Goddess (India), Wadjet (Ancient Egypt), Snake Youth and Snake Girl (Hopi Indians), Kukulkán (Maya), Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), Rainbow Serpent (Australian Aborigines), Minoan Snake Goddess (Ancient Greece) and Brigid (Ireland) are snake deities SYN ophiolatry

Sol Invictus – the sun god of the Roman Empire; a patron of soldiers [Latin “Unconquered Sun”] SYN Solis

Son of Man – a self-given epithet of Jesus, when speaking cryptically; the son of God who belongs to all mankind exp. Daniel 7:13-14, Matthew 18:11, Mark 14:62 SYN Son of God

soothsayer – one who foresees the future and speaks the truth [archaic English soth “true”] SYN psychic, prophet, oracle, diviner, augur, fortune-teller, seer

soucouyant soo-koo-YAHNT alt. soucriant – in Caribbean lore, a hag who sheds her skin at night and flies around as a fireball seeking the blood of a sleeping victim SYN lougarou, loogaroo (Haiti), ole-higue, ole haig (Caribbean), asema (Suriname)

soul – the totality of a person's anima which departs the body upon death; the incorporeal essence of a living being [German sêula “of the sea”] SYN psyche, spirit

Spear of Destiny – the spear which is known to have pierced the side of Christ as he hung crucified, according to John 19:31–37 SYN Holy Lance, Holy Spear, Lance of Longinus

spectrophilia – sexual attraction to ghosts; sex with a ghost, including rape exp. Doris Bither claimed multiple rape incidents by three ghosts in her Culver City, CA home SYN ghost sex, spectral rape

spirit – the totality of a person's anima which departs the body upon death; the incorporeal essence of a living being [Latin spiritus “breath”] SYN psyche, soul

spirit animal – in the vein of a guardian angel, a guide that accompanies and protects an individual throughout their life and embodies their characteristics SYN totem animal, power animal, spirit guide

spirit photography – the art and hobby of capturing ghosts on film or digitally

spiritualism – a practice of communication with the dead through various means SYN mediumship

spook (1) – a ghost or hobgoblin [Dutch spooc “ghost”] SYN spirit, specter, apparition

spook (2) – as a verb, to scare and cause senselessness SYN frighten

spook pl. spooks (3) – an affright SYN shivers, goosebumps, willies

spooky alt. spookey – causing fear and unease SYN eerie, sinister, ghostly, uncanny, weird, unearthly, mysterious

spoon-bending – an experiment from the 70's designed to find evidence for psychokinesis; those who claimed such ability were asked in a lab setting to bend silverware without touching it

Spottsville Monster – a bloodthirsty bigfoot with telepathic abilities that roams the woods around Spottsville, KY; most of its lore focuses on the Nunnelly family who in 1975 were disturbed on and off by this beast at their farmhouse

sprite alt. spright – any diminutive being, corporeal or ethereal [a contraction of “spirit”] SYN spriggan, imp, puck, peri, brownie

spunky pl. spunkies – in English and Irish folklore, the spirit of an unnamed, unchristened or unbaptized child, who is doomed to roam the lonely country roads, seeking somebody who will name them [“spirited”]

staff of Moses – a shepherd's rod, symbolizing leadership, that the prophet Moses carried with him to Egypt and afterwards; God commanded Moses to cast it before Pharaoh so that it'd change into a snake (Exodus 7:10), to strike the Nile R. with it to change its water into blood (Exodus 7:20), to hold it over the Red Sea to part it (Exodus 14:16) and to strike a rock in Horeb with it to produce water (Exodus 17:5-6)

“Stairs to Nowhere” – a made-up legend from Stephanie Young of mysterious staircases in the middle of forests leading up to the sky, which give the finder/s a sense of doom

Stambovsky v. Ackley – a case involving a haunted house in Nyack, NY that went to the Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division in 1991; related to disclosure laws, it was ruled that if an owner has gone public (via TV interviews or news stories, for exp.) that their house is haunted, then it is haunted as a matter of law, and any potential buyers must be informed of this upfront SYN Jeffrey M. Stambovsky v. Helen Ackley and Ellis Realty

Stanley Hotel – a remote haunted hotel situated on a hill in Estes Park, CO; the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining

Starchild skull – a 900-year-old misshaped child's skull discovered in the 1930's by a teenage girl in an old mine shaft in Mexico; paranormalists believe the skull is evidence of ancient aliens procreating with humans while doctors believe it was a male child who suffered from congenital hydrocephaly

Stardust Ranch – a ranch located in Rainbow Valley outside of Phoenix, AZ whose owner claims much paranormal activity, including UFOs, MIBs and ghosts SYN Alien Ranch

Stargate Project – the code name for a secret US army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, MD by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and SRI International (a CA contractor) for the purpose of investigating the potential of psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications; it was declassified in 1995 when a CIA report concluded that the information it provided wasn't useful SYN Gondola Wish, Grill Flame, Center Lane, Sun Streak, Scanate

Star of David – two overlayed deltas creating a 6-pointed star that symbolizes Judaism; a blue star that appears on the flag of Israel

Star of India – an 1863 windjammer docked in San Diego that has a reputation of being haunted; the subject of Haunted History, #1.3 SYN Euterpe

staurophobia STAWR-roh-FOH-bee-uh – the fear of crucifixes

stickmen – of recent report, creatures that literally look like children's stick figure drawings and are seen in various urban areas or in people's homes, sometimes accompanied by a feeling of dread

stigmata stig-MAH-tuh – the appearance of Christ's wounds on one's body, most often the holes through the hands and feet, but sometimes other wounds like piercings in the scalp or a stab wound in the side, which may feel benign or be excruciating in pain [Greek stigma “mark, tattoo, brand”]

stigmatic – one who experiences stigmata exp. St. Francis of Assisi, Sister Agnes, Padre Pio SYN stigmatist

stigmatized property – a building where somebody/ies has murdered somebody/ies and/or suicided, which makes it difficult to sell, even though the property value is reduced by a quarter; some potential buyers will believe that the house is cursed or haunted SYN murder house, suicide house

The Stockyards Restaurant – a former slaughterhouse turned rustic steakhouse, which is said to be haunted by a Lady in Red (who's painted on a mural) and a crouching entity behind the bar; it used to be adjoined with Tovrea Castle on one property, itself a murder house after a botched burglary, but now Tovrea Castle is owned by the city of Phoenix while the restaurant is privately owned by Gary Lasko

“Storm Area 51” Facebook event – an informal petition suggesting that people descend upon Area 51 on Sept. 20th, 2019 in mass and then storm the fence in order to find evidence of aliens; after much publicity, only 100 people showed up - two were charged with trespassing, one got dehydrated and motorists hit and killed two cows with a car; in a separate but related event on the same day, the Little Al'Le'Inn in Rachel, NV made huge profits by hosting an “Alienstock” festival

Lon Strickler – a fortean researcher, cryptozoologist and author of a handful of cryptozoological books; one of several partners of Arcane Radio, a podcast; the webmaster of Phantoms & Monsters; one of many witnesses who's seen the Sykesville Monster of MD while fishing in 1981, which sparked his interest in cryptozoology

Whitley Strieber (1945-p) – an author who is most known for writing Communion (1987) AKA Louis Whitley Strieber

Styx stiks alt. Stix – a goddess, an Oceanid nymph and a daughter of Tethys and Oceanus; in Greek mythology, one who overlooks the River Styx

succubus SUHK-yoo-buhs pl. succubi – a female demon that persuades sleeping men to have sex with her; the male counterpart is an incubus [Latin succubus “prostitute”]

Sudarium of Oviedo soo-DAHR-ree-uhm uhv ahb-bee-EH-doh – consistent with John 20:6-7, the blood-stained sweat cloth that covered Jesus's head during his entombment, which is currently housed in a silver-plated ark with other relics at the Cámara Santa of the Cathedral of San Salvador, Oviedo, Spain SYN Shroud of Oviedo

sulfur SEHL-fer alt. sulphur – S; an element; a smell associated with the Devil or Hell; its compounds are responsible for the distinct odor of gunpowder, rotten eggs and skunks SYN brimstone

Summanus SOO-muh-nuhs – the Roman god of nocturnal storms and thunder [Latin summus “highest”]

The Summer's Triumph (1538) – a tapestry which hangs at the Bayerisches National Museum, Munich and portrays a ruler's rise to power and much fanfare while in the sky there are no less than five gray-colored flying saucers

supernatural – above that which is natural; something that can't be explained by science SYN paranormal, esoteric

superstition – belief in something that doesn't make logical sense [Latin superstitio “over-standing awe”] SYN myth, credulity, old wives' tale

Sykesville Monster SAIKS-vihl MON-stuhr – a bigfoot that was first seen and reported in Sykesville, MD by many people starting in 1973, including the cryptozoologist Lon Strickler as he was fishing; these encounters touched off an FBI investigation

sylph silf alt. sylphid – an air spirit [Latin silva “forest”] SYN nympha silvestris, schrötlein

synastry SIN-nah-stree – relationship astrology; forecasting the fate of a couple [Greek sunastria “together-star”] SYN compatibility

syringe – a medical device for injecting liquids into the bloodstream; legend says that the Greek nymph named Syrinx was lovely and chaste and was pursued by Pan to a river's edge where she asked the other nymphs to change her into a reed whereupon Pan found her, cut the reeds and fashioned a set of multi-length flutes of them


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