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table-tilting – lifting of the table where a séance is taking place as a sign that a spirit is present

talisman – an object, sometimes inscribed, that has magical properties and is supposed to bring good luck and protection to the possessor [Greek telos “end result”] SYN charm, amulet

Tallmann Family – a Wisconsin family that was terrorized by ghostly/demonic activity for nine months after Allen and Deborah Tallmann brought home a bunk bed for their children; they reported an old woman with glowing eyes, threatening voices, electronics with seemingly minds of their own, “ghost flames” coming from their garage and a ghostly mist in their living room; featured in Unsolved Mysteries, #1.3

Taoism TOW-izm – based on the writings of Lao-tzu, a practice that emphasizes a simple and balanced life in harmony with nature; their primary sacred book is Tao Te Ching (The Way and its Power) [Chinese “the Way”] SYN Daoism

taphephobia TAF-fuh-FOH-bee-uh – the fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries

taphophilia TAF-foh-FILL-yah – the love of funerals, cemeteries and gravestones

T.A.P.S. – The Atlantic Paranormal Society; founded in 1990 by plumbers-turned-ghost-hunters Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, the crew investigates haunted locations all over the world and even starred in some TV shows – Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy and Kindred Spirits

tarot cards TARE-roh kardz – a deck of playing cards used for divination since the late 18th century [Italian tarocchi unknown meaning] SYN trionfi, tarocchini, tarock, taroch

tasseography TAS-see-AH-gruf-fee – divination by reading the patterns of tea leaves, coffee grounds and wine sediments in the bottom of drunk cups [French and Greek tasse + -graphy “cup writing”] SYN tasseomancy, tassology

Taurus – the second of the Zodiac signs, symbolized by a bull

tea-leaf reading – divination by means of reading the pattern of tea leaves left in the bottom of a drunk cup SYN tasseography

telekinesis TELL-uh-kin-NEE-suhs – the ability to move objects with the mind [Greek “far-off movement”] SYN psychokinesis, spoon bending

telepathy tell-LEP-puh-thee – the ability to communicate or transmit/receive ideas without speaking [Greek “originating from a distance”] SYN psychometry, mind reading, thought transference

teleportation – going from one place to another instantly without traversing the distance in between; this can be theoretically accomplished mentally, spiritually or mechanically; in the biblical sense, it may be paralleled to the rapture (harpazo) of Enoch, Paul and Jesus

telesthesia TELL-les-THEEZ-zee-uh ; TELL-les-THEEDZ-dzuh – the ability to know things from afar; ESP [Greek “distant perception”] SYN clairvoyance, sixth sense, third eye

Tennessee Wildman – a dark gray or ginger-haired 7-foot-tall bigfoot with red eyes that has been attacking women and dogs since the 1800's

teratophobia tair-RAT-toh-FOH-bee-uh – the fear of monsters

thaumaturge THAH-muh-terj – one who does thaumaturgy SYN thaumaturgus, thaumaturgist, miracle worker

thaumaturgy THAH-muh-ter-jee – the ability of one to work magic or miracles [Greek thaûma + érgon “marvel-working”] SYN wonderworking

theophany thee-AH-fuh-nee – the appearance of a deity to a human; theophanies are present in “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, The Iliad, The Holy Bible and “The Bhagavad Gita” [Greek theophaneia “appearance of god”]

therian THER-ree-uhn – suffering from species dysphoria, one who believes they are spiritually, psychologically or biologically some kind of animal [Greek theríon “wild animal”] SYN therianthrope

therianthropy THER-ree-ANTH-throh-pee – the ability to change between human and animal forms exp. lycanthropy, kynanthropy, cynanthropy, ailuranthropy [Greek “beast-human state”] SYN zoanthropy, shape-shifting, morphing

theriocephaly THER-ree-oh-CEF-fuh-lee – the depiction of an anthropomorphic body having the head of some kind of animal exp. Anubis, Horus, Bastet [Greek “animal headedness”]

13 – an unlucky number; a number that has come to signify doom since ancient times for various reasons

Thor alt. Thórr, Thunor – the Norse god of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, fertility and the protection of mankind; the god after which Thursday is named [German thunraz “thunder”] SYN Asa-Thor, Oku-Thor, Vingthor, Bjorn, Biorn, Rym, Á, Atli, Einridi, Eindridi, Ennilang, Hardhugadr, Hardveur, Hloridi, Hlorridi, Vethorm, Veud, Veod, Véurr, Veur, Donar and Sonnung among others

thoughtography – the supernatural ability to produce words or images on photographic film by volition

thunderbird – an enormous bird of Native American myth, said to make the sound of thunder when it flaps its wings SYN ba'a', bha'a, boh'ooo, animikii, nenemki, nenemhki, onimiski, binesi, wapoothi, waputhi, cigwe, wakinyan, enaemaehkiw, inaemehkiwak and more

“The Tibetan Book of the Dead” (8th cen. AD) – a Buddhist text which describes and guides one through bardo, that is, a state after death but before the next incarnate life SYN “The Bardo Thodol”, “Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State”

time slip – going in and out of different time dimensions involuntarily, sometimes alone or in a group; a “wrinkle” in time SYN time warp, time travel

time travel – in terms of sci-fi, going back and forth in time by means of a mechanical device
Tinley Park Lights – a series of UFO reports, in which multiple witnesses describe a triangle formation of red lights, that happened on and off in 2004 outside of Chicago; it became a worldwide story after hundreds of people at a concert saw them SYN Tinley Park Triangle

“The Torah” (c1300 BC) – the entirety of the first five books of The Holy Bible, which are (in order) “Genesis”, “Exodus”, “Leviticus”, “Numbers” and “Deuteronomy” [Hebrew “law, instruction”] SYN “The Pentateuch”, nomos

trigger object – an object used at a haunted location with the intent to evoke a reaction from a ghost; this is usually something that was valued by the ghost while they were still alive exp. a child's teddy bear, a man's cigar, a woman's brooch SYN ghost bait

Trinity – the three manifestations of the Godhead in one: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (otherwise called the Holy Ghost) [Latin trinus “three-fold”] SYN Holy Trinity

triskaidekaphobia TRIS-kai-DEH-kah-FOH-bee-uh – the fear of the number 13

Trivia – the Roman goddess of sorcery, witchcraft, graveyards and crossroads [Latin “three ways”] SYN Queen of Ghosts

troll – a hideous, dwarfish creature that dwells in caves and under bridges [Old Norse “giant; demon”] SYN goblin, hobgoblin, gnome, halfling, bugaboo, ogre

tulpa tuhl-pah – a creature that becomes manifest after it has been pondered long enough exp. after the Rake was envisioned on the internet, people then began to claim encounters with it [Tibetan sprul-pa “emanation”] SYN emanation body, tulku, sprulsku, nirmita, manomayakaya, nirmanakaya

Tutankhamen's Curse – a non-existent curse that has been passed down through history due to several unfortunate deaths of those connected to the discovery of his tomb; no such curse was written upon its walls or sarcophagi although such curses do exist for other Egyptian tombs

21 grams – the weight of a soul, according to a study published in 1907 by Duncan MacDougall, a doctor from Haverhill, MA, who measured the weight of six patients upon death

twin flame – a soul that is split during reincarnation and each half is placed in different new bodies


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