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UAP pl. UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomenon; a mystery light in the sky, possibly a UFO SYN mystery airship

UFO pl. UFOs – unidentified flying object; an anomalous aircraft that is not of a known human design SYN mystery airship

UFO Files (2004-2007) – an American documentary series of four seasons that explored many aspects of UFOs and included interviews of many theorists

UFO Hunters (2008-2009) – an American documentary series that went for three seasons and starred Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert, Ted Acworth, Kevin Cook and Jeff Tomlinson as investigators

ufologist /oof-FALL-oh-gist ; yoof-FALL-oh-gist/ alt. UFOlogist – one who studies UFOs and accounts of alien abduction SYN xenobiologist

ufology /oof-FALL-oh-gee ; yoof-FALL-oh-gee/ alt. UFOlogy – the study of UFOs, aliens and missing time SYN xenobiology

ultra-terrestrial – a being who visits our dimension from another dimension to convey some kind of message and then mysteriously vanishes

underwater panther – one of several mythological water creatures of the native peoples of the Great Lakes region; a beast having the head and paws of a big cat, a scaly body, dagger-like spines along its back and an extremely long tail; a chimeric being that guards copper from its abode on Michipicoten Island in Lake Superior [Ojibwe “great lynx”] SYN Mishibizhiw, Mishibijiw, Mishipizhiw, Mishipizheu, Mishupishu, Mishepishu, Michipeshu, Mishipeshu and others

underworld – a place underneath Earth where the souls of the departed go in many religions; a realm for the dead exp. Duat (ancient Egypt), Kur (Sumeria), Elysium (Greece), Inferno (Rome), Gehenna (Israel) and Naraka (India) SYN netherworld, otherworld

undine /UN-deen ; un-DEEN/ alt. ondine – first named in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus, a nymph or elemental, usually female, that has a human form but no soul and so in order to gain one, she must have a man fall in love with her and marry her at a risk to himself because if he is unfaithful, he'll die; this folklore inspired H.C. Andersen to write “The Little Mermaid” [Latin unda “wave”]

unicorn – a beast of antiquity with a single, spiraling horn protruding from its forehead; a creature that was described in natural history books by ancient Greek writers, such as Ctesias, Strabo, Pliny the Younger and Aelian, who were led to believe that such a creature existed in India, and also, it appears in biblical scripture, such as Job 39:9-12, where it is most likely a cow or wild ox in that context; the strongest contenders for a real unicorn would be a rhinoceros, a roe deer or an extinct species such as an Elasmotherium; the symbol of Scotland [Greek “one horn”] SYN monoceres, re'em

Union Cemetery – a 400-year-old cemetery in Easton, CT that's haunted by the “White Lady”

universal flood myths – a phenomenon and a belief among hundreds of widespread cultures that God (or a god) punished humankind for a wicked act by sending floodwaters over the whole of the Earth, only sparing one (like Noah) or some individuals by a warning and having them build an ark (or find some kind of medium on which to float), and from the survivor/s all of the current population was borne exp. besides the Great Flood, there is also “The Epic of Gilgamesh” (of Sumeria c2100 BC), “The Eridu Genesis” (Sumeria), “The Deucalion” (Greece), “The Matsya Purana” (India), “The Haava” (Finland) and the oral traditions of China, Native Americans and the Kwaya, Mbuti, Maasai, Mandin and Yoruba people of Africa SYN flood myth motif, deluge myths

Uranus /your-AY-nuhs ; YOUR-uh-nis/ – the Greek god of the sky; the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth (fathered by Aether in some accounts) [Greek Ouranos “sky, heaven”] SYN Caelus, Father Sky

urban legend – popular folklore, often presented as factual or something that happened to a friend of a friend, and may provide a serious explanation or humorous twist to something that really happens; they tend to reflect modern trends and now may be spread not just through word of mouth but also by e-mail and social media exp. “The Vanishing Hitchhiker”, “The Kidney Theft” and “The Devil Went Dancing” are common urban legends SYN urban myth, urban tale, contemporary legend, creepypasta

Urian /YER-ree-in/ – a nickname of the Devil [Greek “of Heaven”]

Uriel alt. Uri'el – an archangel; one who stood guard at the Gate of Eden with a flaming sword; an angel mentioned in “The Second Book of Esdras” and “The Book of Enoch”, both of which are non-canonical [Hebrew “God is my light”] SYN Auriel, Oriel

USO pl. USOs – unidentified submerged object; an anomaly similar to that of a UFO, except in the water


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