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Travis Walton (1953-p) – a former logger, abductee and author of The Walton Experience

The Walton Experience (1978) – a book that recounts the alien abduction of Travis Walton, which later inspired the docu-movie Fire in the Sky; after being abducted near Turkey Springs, AZ on Nov. 5th, 1975, his logging crew was believed to have been involved in a strange murder plot and the UFO abduction was just a cover, until Walton showed up five days later in Holbrook, AZ, dazed and confused

Wampus Cat – in Cherokee legend, a young woman who was condemned and morphed into a large cat for eavesdropping on a meeting among the elders and now when livestock is inexplicably killed, it's blamed on this accursed woman

warlock – a male practitioner of dark magic [Old English waerloga “oath-breaker”] SYN sorcerer, mage, magus

William John Warner (1866-1936) – a renowned Irish palmist whose clients included Mark Twain, Mata Hari, Oscar Wilde, Grover Cleveland, Thomas Edison and the Prince of Wales AKA Cheiro

Ed and Lorraine Warren – the founders of the New England Society for Psychic Research, the oldest ghost-hunting group in New England; they were among the first to investigate the Amityville house; the owners of Annabelle, a haunted doll they acquired from a friend, which is on display at the family's “Occult Museum”

Washington D.C. UFO incident – a series of UFOs witnessed from July 12th to July 29th, 1952 over Washington, D.C. which made front-page headlines across the country and alarmed President Truman SYN Washington National Airport Sightings, Invasion of Washington, Washington Flap

Watchers – according to “The Book of Enoch”, angels sent to Earth to watch over humans who soon lusted for human women and were convinced by their leader, Samyaza, to go against God's purpose for them, give humans forbidden knowledge and procreate with the women; their offspring were the Nephilim who wreaked havoc upon Earth [Slavic grigori “awake”] SYN iyrin, fallen angels

water baby – of Paiute and Shoshone legend, a reptilian creature that mimics the cry and general appearance of a baby (although some describe it as having a fish tail) and swims about Pyramid Lake in Nevada; these creatures came into existence after a mermaid was refused marriage to a Paiute man and she cursed all waters of the land and since that time, the water babies have been blamed for missing fisherman, imminent deaths and natural calamities

David Weatherly – the author of several books about black-eyed kids and various paranormal subjects, such as Strange Intruders (2013), Wood Knocks (2016) and Haunted Toys (2017)

weeping statue – a phenomenon in which a religious effigy (most often the Virgin Mary) appears to exude either tears, blood or scented oil from the eyes; they have overwhelmingly proved to be hoaxes, mass hysteria or simple condensation with one exception – an unusual combination of a weeping statue, Marian apparitions, prophetic visions and a cure of deafness coined “Our Lady of Akita” was investigated by the Catholic Church and deemed true

weird – strange; uncanny; pertaining to fate; an extinct word that was resurrected by Shakespeare when he used it to name the Weird Sisters of MacBeth and afterwards, the meaning changed from “fateful” to “weird” [PIE wert- “to turn, to become one's destiny”] SYN odd, eerie

wendigo /WIHN-dig-goh/ pl. windigoag, windegoag, wiindigooag, windikouk – a tall and bony cannabalistic monster of the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and eastern Canada that smells of death; an evil spirit that possesses a human and turns them into a monster resembling a werewolf; a human that's consumed by greed and morphs into a murderous wendigo; it is said that a human may also change into a wendigo if he/she becomes well-acquainted with one [Proto-Algonquian wintekowa “owl”] SYN weendigo, windego, windigo, windgo, windago, windiga, windagoo, widjigo, wiijigoo, wijigo, weejigo, wìdjigò, wintigo, wentigo, wehndigo, wentiko, windgoe among others

werewolf pl. werewolves – a man who, either through an infected bite or a pact with the Devil, is capable of changing into a wolf, at will or unwillingly at the appearance of a full moon [Old English werwulf “man-wolf”] SYN wolfman, dogman, lycanthrope

Westall UFO incident – on April 6th, 1966, more than 200 students and some teachers at two different schools in Melbourne, Victoria, AUS witnessed a gray disc-shaped UFO descend and land in a grove of pine trees, rest for 20 minutes, lift off slowly and ascend quickly in a north-westerly direction with five smaller crafts chasing after it

Wewe Gombel – a pariah and female ghost in Indonesia that kidnaps children mistreated by their parents but returns them if they are repentant; depicted as a nude woman with long, hanging breasts and goat's hooves for feet SYN Nenek Gombel, Kalong Wewe

Whaley House /WAY-lee hows/ – a house in San Diego whose colorful past bequeaths it a haunted reputation; specific ghosts are said to include “Yankee Jim”, who was hung in 1852 before the house was even built, former owners Thomas and Anna Whaley, their daughter Violet Whaley, who committed suicide in 1885, an unknown woman, an unknown little girl, a spotted dog and others; 2476 San Diego Ave., San Diego, CA

Wheel of the Year – an eight-pointed wheel which lays out the order of the eight Wiccan sabbats and sometimes the thirteen lunar esbats too

Where did the road go? – a weekly radio show and podcast on WVBR, 93.5 FM, Ithaca, NY; a “round-table discussion” that covers all paranormal subjects, esp. UFOs

white-eyed kids – creepy children with solid white eyes; the opposite of black-eyed children SYN WEKs

White House – the presidential residence which witnesses tell is haunted by Abraham Lincoln, Willie Lincoln, Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Dolley Madison, David Burns and Annie Surratt

white magic – magic that serves a benign purpose SYN white arts, natural magic, high magic, beneficium

white noise – unused radio frequencies that ghosts may use to speak through a ghost box SYN snow

Wicca – a religion that worships the Horned God and the Moon Goddess as well as lesser nature gods and elementals [English wicce “bad, ungodly”] SYN paganism, witchcraft

Wiccan – one who practices Wicca; a witch or magus SYN pagan, heathen

wiccaphobia – the fear of witches and witchcraft

will-o'-the-wisp alt. will-o'-wisp – a flickering light seen by night-time wanderers over swampy bodies of water which recedes when one tries to approach it; Irish folklore attributes it to a wicked man named either Will or Jack who was doomed to an incorporeal life on Earth and to carry an ember from Hell to warm himself but instead uses it to mislead travelers off the beaten path; in recent times, it has been partially explained as spontaneously-combusting methane gas meeting cool air circulating above the waters and the way in which it appears to recede may be a consequence of eye physiology and the angle and distance of the observer, similar to the effect of a rainbow [“Will of the torch” (wisp is an antiquated term for a torch)] SYN jack o'lantern, ignis fatuus, friar's lantern, hobby lantern, spook light, ghost candle, hinkypunk

Winchester Mystery House – an eccentric and sprawling 160-room mansion commissioned by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, who believed that the house was haunted by the spirits of those who'd died by a Winchester and kept building onto it to appease them; 525 S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose, CA

Winnepogo – a sea monster, having a single horn on its small, flat head and a long, scaly body with flippers, that abides in Lake Winnipegosis in Manitoba, CAN; it may be the same creature called Manipogo since Lake Manitoba is connected by a channel to Lake Winnipegosis

witch pl. witches – a woman that practices magic, usually depicted in children's stories as wearing a black cloak and pointy hat and riding a broomstick; a sorceress; a necromancer [English wicce “bad, ungodly”] SYN gealdricge, scinlaece, lybbestre

witchcraft – the art of casting spells, mixing potions and summoning spirits SYN sorcery, witchery, wizardry, thaumaturgy

witching hour – a time near 3 am in which spirits and demons are especially active and inducing nightmares; it's so, not only because three references the Trinity, but also because 3 am is the exact opposite of the time of Christ's crucifixion SYN Devil's hour

Witch of Endor (antiquity) – a woman mentioned in the First Book of Samuel, who by the request of King Saul of Israel, summoned the spirit of the late prophet Samuel for his advice, which is interesting because such an act is forbidden by Jewish commandment SYN Pythonem of Aendor

witch's familiar – a demon which poses as some kind of animal, popularly a black cat or a black dog, although it can also be like a bird, mouse, ferret, rabbit or toad, and befriends a witch, since they were usually outcasts; sometimes a woman was suspected of witchcraft just by having certain animals sighted near her home [Latin familiaris “household servant”] SYN familiar, familiar spirit, animal guide, agathion

wizard – a man who practices magic, white or otherwise [English wisard “wise”] SYN mage, magus, magician, thaumaturge

Wolfsegg Castle – a Bavarian castle built in the 1300's that's said to be haunted by the spirits of two murderous men; Burggasse 18, 93195 Wolfsegg, Germany

Woman from Lemb – a cursed fertility statue from Lemb, Cyprus, 3500 BC that has killed entire families; it now resides at the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh SYN Goddess of Death

world soul – a collective consciousness that exists between all beings on Earth; an important component of Neoplatonic belief systems SYN psuchè kósmou, anima mundi, cosmic consciousness, weltseele

wormhole – a theoretical natural or artificial fold in outer space that connects two otherwise distant coordinates of space-time which could serve to make space travel shorter or make time travel possible [1957, in a paper written by John Archibald Wheeler and Charles Misner] SYN Einstein–Rosen bridge

WOW signal – a powerful narrowband radio signal received by Ohio State University's “Big Ear” radio telescope on August 15th, 1977; it appeared on print paper as “6EQUJ5”, which volunteer astronomer Jerry R. Ehman circled and wrote “Wow!” next to

wraith /rayth/ alt. wrayth pl. wraiths – a ghostly image of somebody, esp. one right before or after their death [Scottish] SYN ghost, specter, phantasm, phantom, apparition

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base – an air force base in Dayton, Ohio where Project Sign was implemented; rumor has it that material from the 1947 Roswell crash site was transported there for the purpose of being reverse engineered SYN WPAFB, FFO, KFFO, Wilbur Wright Field, McCook Field

wyvern /WHY-vehrn/ alt. wivern – a two-legged winged dragon with a tail ending in an arrow-shaped tip; they first appeared in medieval bestiaries and are often used in heraldry and as mascots [Anglo-French wivre “javelin-viper”]


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