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X – shorthand for “Christ” exp. Xian, Xmas

xana /shah-nah/ pl. xanas, anjana – in Asturian mythology, a beautiful nymph found near rivers, waterfalls and forested springs that enchants people with her singing during summer nights; it is alternatively depicted as being small and dark-skinned and she steals babies and breaks into homes for food [Spanish jana “enchantress”]

xanín /shah-NEEN/ pl. xanins, xaninos – the offspring of a xana; since they cannot produce milk to feed their babies, they switch out the xanín for a human child in the crib, similar to the changelings of European culture

X Cave – one of some caves at Carter Caves State Resort Park in Carter County, KY that was written about in More Kentucky Ghost Stories by Michael Paul Henson; legend says that two Cherokee Indian lovers, the warrior Huraken and Manuita, the chief's daughter, haunt the cave

xenobiologist /ZEE-no-bai-AH-lo-gist/ – one who hypothesizes about alien life [Greek xeno- “strange, foreign”] SYN xenotologist, astrobiologist

xenoglossy /ZEE-nuh-gloss-see/ alt. xenoglossia – the supernatural acquisition of a foreign language, most often suddenly and temporarily; such an event has been claimed by evangelical Christians, esp. Pentecostals, mediums, those who are possessed by demons and reincarnated individuals [Greek xenosglossa “foreigner tongue”] SYN xenolalia, gift of tongues

xenonormal – that which appears to be paranormal but really has natural causes

Xibalba /shi-BAL-buh/ – in the Mayan religion, the underworld, which is ruled by 12 gods who are known as the Lords of Xibalba; several caves in Belize were thought to be the entrance while others believed the Milky Way was the road leading to it [“Place of Fear”]

xidachane /shi-duh-CHA-nay/ sing. and pl. – a zombified creature of South African culture [Sotho/Tsonga] SYN maduxwane

Xoloitzcuintle /shoh-lo-eets-kweent-lay/ alt. Xolo – a Mexican hairless dog that was sacred to the Aztecs and would be sacrificed and buried alongside their owner/s in order to guide them to the underworld [“the dog of Xolotl”]


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