ebu gogo sing. and pl. – a race of short wild people, having hairy bodies, wide noses and big mouths, who could run quickly, that used to inhabit Pulau Flores, INDO; Homo floresiensis, a 3-foot-tall being discovered in a cave, may be the basis of this oral memory [Nage “old one who eats anything”] SYN hobbit


ectoplasm – an oozing substance that protrudes either from the orifices of a medium or other physical objects and is supposed to be physical evidence of a spirit [Greek “outside of something formed”] SYN emanation


Edinburgh Phrenological Society (1820-1870) – a formal club established by brothers George and Andrew Combe and minister David Welsh and whose membership comprised a third of doctors


John Edward (1969-p) – a psychic medium, author and TV personality, most known for hosting Crossing Over with John Edward AKA John Edward McGee, Jr.


eerie – strange and frightening at once; otherworldly [Old English earg “cowardly, bad”; Old German arg “bad, evil, godless”] SYN weird, uncanny, spooky, creepy


Effed-Up Stories – a defunct dark paranormal podcast hosted by Will Pender and Ryan Sharpe of Canada; episodes are still available on YouTube


The Egyptian Book of the Dead (in use from 1550 BC-50 BC) – a collection of ancient Egyptian funerary prayers used to help guide a dead person's spirit through Duat into the afterlife SYN The Book of Coming Forth by Day


El Diablo – Spanish for “The Devil”


elemental pl. Sagani – a protector of Gaia; one composed of aether; a mystical being or force that can be summoned through occult means exp. gnome, leprechaun, fairy, slyph, salamander, nymph, mermaid [Latin elementum “rudiment”] SYN elemental spirit, Earth spirit


elf pl. elves – a supernatural being of Germanic origin having magical powers and stunning beauty; beings that work together with the Norse gods, either aiding or hindering humans [German “white being”] SYN gnome, pukwudgie, hobgoblin, brownie


Elijah alt. Elias (9th century BC) – a prophet who lived during the evil reign of King Ahab; like the prophet Enoch, he bypassed physical death, being taken up to heaven in a chariot; one of the two witnesses who will return to Earth during the Great Tribulation, according to Revelation 11:3 [Hebrew “my god is Yahweh”]


El Mercado de las Brujas – a witches' market and tourist attraction in La Paz, Bolivia esp. known for selling dried llama fetuses SYN La Hechicería


Elohim sing. and pl. – sing. god, esp. the Hebrew god; Yahweh pl. God of gods [Aramaic el, eloah “god”]


El Silbón – of Venezuelan and Colombian origin, the spirit of a young man who murdered his father in revenge for killing his mother who now roams the countryside, whistling and punishing drunkards and womanizers [Spanish “The Whistler”] SYN Whistle Man

Elysium – the Greek concept of heaven, ruled by Cronus, where righteous people and heroes are brought so they can live in peace and pursue athletic and musical interests; a paradise; the opposite of Hades [Greek alýtos “incorruptible”] SYN Elysian Fields, Elysian Plain, Fortunate Isles, Isles of the Blessed


emanation – a psychical vibe that issues forth from an object; a manifestation of God [Latin emanatio “that which flows”] SYN vibration


“The Emerald Tablet” (6th-8th century AD) – a hermetic/alchemical text copied from The Hermetica; a text engraved upon a green stone that was supposedly discovered in a crypt below a statue of Hermes in Tyana (an ancient city now located in Turkey) SYN “The Smaragdine Table”, “Tabula Smaragdina”


EMF meter – a device that measures AC fields in milliGausses (mG) produced normally by man-made sources and is used by ghost hunters because ghosts are thought by some to perturb or even create this kind of energy SYN EMF detector, EMF sensor, EMF probe, ghost meter


empath – one who perceives others' emotional state; one who is highly intuitive [Greek pathos "passion, suffering"]


Enfield Poltergeist – a poltergeist that haunted a family of four children at 284, Green Street, a council house in Enfield, England, from 1977 to 1979


Enki – the Sumerians' god of creation, wisdom, mischief and water; the patron god of the city of Eridu [Sumerian “Lord of the Earth”] SYN Ea


Enoch (antiquity) – a biblical patriarch and the father of Methuselah; a prophet who surpassed physical death by rapture, according to Hebrews 11:5; one of two witnesses (the other being Elijah) who will return to prophesy upon Earth during the Great Tribulation [Hebrew Chanokh “dedicated”]


entity – a living thing of existence, usually foreboding exp. ghost, angel, succubus, gnome [Latin entitas “being”] SYN presence


Eros – the god of sexual attraction who is associated with bows, arrows, hearts and candles; the son of Ares and Aphrodite; his Roman equivalent is Cupid [Greek “desire”]


esoteric – privileged; pertaining to inside knowledge [Greek esoterikós “belonging to an inner circle”] SYN arcane, forbidden, mysterious


ESP – extrasensory perception; the ability to gather information about things, people, places and events through unusual means SYN clairvoyance


ethereal alt. aethereal, etherial – heavenly; seemingly consisting of ether [Latin aetherius “of or pertaining to the ether, the air or the sky”] SYN spiritual, unearthly, otherwordly, tenuous


Evil Eye – an eye-like symbol worn by people or drawn at a person's residence to ward off such a curse SYN nazar


evil eye – a curse cast by a malevolent glare that is believed to cause misfortune or illness SYN leer

EVP pl. EVPs – electronic voice phenomenon; an ambient voice that is caught on a digital recorder that can not be accounted for by the people who were present or any electronic transmission at the time of the recording SYN ghost voice, disembodied voice


exorcise alt. exorcize – the act of performing an exorcism; to cast out demons SYN drive out, expel, purge, purify, deliver, lustrate


exorcism – a ritual entailing prayers and burning sage that frees a person from the demon/s possessing that person [Greek exorkismós “binding by oath"] SYN expulsion, purification, deliverance, lustration, insufflation


exorcist – a person who performs an exorcism, which is usually a Catholic priest but can also be of any Christian denomination, and even pagan, shaman and voodooist


Expanded Perspectives – a podcast hosted by Kyle Philson and Cam Hale that covers many varied stories of the paranormal


experiencer – one who has experienced anything of the paranormal, esp. an abductee SYN witness


extispicy – in the religion of Ancient Rome, a method of divination using the entrails of a sacrificed animal [Latin extispicium “observance of the intestines”] SYN haruspicy, haruspicina


extraterrestrial – a being that is not of Earth [Latin “outside of Earth”] SYN E.T., alien, gray


Eye of Horus – an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, good health and royalty SYN Wedjat