Faces of Bélmez – faces of varying sex, size and expression which appeared on the concrete floor of the Pereira family home (in Bélmez de la Moraleda, Spain) beginning in 1971 and continue to appear at random SYN Bélmez Faces, The House of the Faces


faefolk – the collective word for a group of fairies; many fairies or other types of little people SYN fair folk, wee folk, fatae, fay, fey, fae, Fées


fairy pl. fairies, faeriesfaefolk – of European folklore, a diminutive fair creature, usually female, possessing wings like an insect and magical powers [Irish fé erie “enchantment of the Fates”] SYN fata, faie, fé, fée


faith healing – healing achieved by religious practices instead of medical intervention

Falcon Lake UFO incident – a claim by Stefan Michalak that he was injured by one of two UFOs he encountered at Falcon Lake, Manitoba, CAN on May 19th, 1967 when upon inspection, hot air was expelled from what appeared to be an exhaust panel, burning him and his t-shirt


fallen angel – an angel of God who has turned away; one who does Satan's bidding SYN demon, devil


familiar – a demon that takes the shape of common animals and befriends witches because they are pariahs exp. cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, birds, toads and rats SYN familiar spirit, witch's familiar


faun pl. fauns, fauni – a sensual mythological being depicted as a man with goat's horns, ears, legs and a tail whose tutelary is named Silenus [Latin] SYN faunus, goat-man


Fermi paradox alt. Fermi's paradox – the apparent contradiction of the idea that the universe is teeming with alien life and the fact that we have no evidence of their existence [Enrico Fermi, the physicist] SYN Fermi-Hart paradox, Hart-Tipler argument, Fermi's question, Where is everybody?, The Great Silence

fetch – in Irish culture, the spectral double of a person yet alive and regarded as an omen of imminent death [Old English fæcce “death-spirit”]

1566 celestial phenomenon at Basel – a series of three mass sightings of celestial phenomena above Basel, Switzerland between July 25th-28th and the 7th of August; a printed leaflet from the time has an illustration and records “fighting” between numerous red and black spheres


firehound – a mythical beast of the Czech culture; one of the guardians of Zvíkov Castle


Fire in the Sky (1993) – a biographical movie about the abduction of Travis Walton, a logger who worked in the White Mts. of AZ; a movie based on Travis Walton's book The Walton Experience


Nicolas Flamel (c1330-1418) – a successful scribe and manuscript seller from France; a person of legend because it circulated after his death that he'd succeeded in the two goals of alchemy – that he'd discovered the Philosopher's Stone, which could turn base metals into gold, and that he and his wife had achieved immortality through the Elixir of Life


Flathead Lake Monster – according to Kutenai legend, a 30-foot-long eel-like creature that makes its abode in Flathead Lake of MT SYN Flessie

Flatwoods Monster – an entity that was seen by many people in Flatwoods, WV on Sept. 12th, 1952; it was described as being dark, humanoid, at least seven feet tall, wearing a “mechanical” dress and having an elongated head with a large spade behind it SYN Braxton County Monster, Phantom of Flatwoods, Green Monster, Lizard Monster


FLIR – Forward-Looking Infrared Radiometer; a camera that detects heat and infrared light and displays them in tones of red and white; relevant in paranormal circles for its ability to show the outlines of ghosts which have no heat and manifest as full-bodied cold spots SYN heat camera, thermal camera, infrared camera

flying humanoid – a single, stiff human-like object seen in southwestern skies and Mexico that is sometimes riding on a mechanical platform or motorcycle


flying rods – artifacts or “bugs” that appear in film and video that some say are proof of a previously undiscovered creature that can't be seen with the naked eye; they have proven to be known insects, such as moths, caught on slow-speed film SYN air rods, skyfish


flying saucer – a flattened saucer-shaped UFO; a term coined by the press after private pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted nine silvery UFOs flying over Mt. Rainier on June 24th, 1947 SYN flying disc


flying snake – a possible real creature that was witnessed and recorded by the camp of Moses during their 40 years of “wandering” and is now extinct, possibly due to hunting


flying vimana – a mythological flying palace written of and illustrated in Hindi and Jain texts [Sanskrit “traversing, measuring out”] SYN vimanam


FOIA – Freedom of Information Act; implemented in 1967, this law allows for people to request and retrieve information in government documents and is relevant in paranormal circles because evidence of some UFO cases can be found in documents such as eyewitness testimonies, police call logs, medical records and radar screen recordings SYN Public Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552

foo fighters – strange lights and metallic objects that were sighted by fighter pilots during WWII and feared to be “the other side” [U.S. 415th Night Fighter Squadron] SYN kraut fireballs


fortean – otherworldly [Charles Hoy Fort, a collector of fantastic accounts] SYN arcane, supernatural

Fortuna – the goddess of fate and fortune, often depicted alongside a ship's rudder or a wheel of fortune; the daughter of Jupiter; her Greek counterpart is Tyche SYN Lady Luck, Lady Fortune, Atrox Fortuna, Automatia


Fouke Monster – a type of bigfoot that was seen around Fouke, AR in the 1970's; these sightings inspired the creation of the docu-movie The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) SYN Boggy Creek Monster, Jonesville Monster


Raymond E. Fowler (1933-p) – the author of four books about the Andreasson abduction, including The Andreasson Affair (1979), and other books such as The Allagash Abductions, The Watchers (I and II) and The Melchizedek Connection


Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 – in England and Wales, an act that prohibited people claiming to be a psychic, medium or other spiritualist and collecting money from such deception unless for purposes of entertainment; a repeal of the 1735 Witchcraft Act

Stanton Friedman (1934-2019) – a nuclear physicist and ufologist; the civilian investigator who broke the story about the Roswell crash and the cover-up that followed

fylgja pl. fylgjur – an animal spirit that follows a person and is associated with one's fate [Norse “to accompany”]