Truth be told, The Night Gallery wasn't that great of a TV show and Rod Serling's writing suffered in comparison with that of The Twilight Zone. My favorite part was always the intro. I was very intrigued by the set of paintings produced for the show and this idea that you could jaunt through a museum of grotesque arts in its afterhours and see something you weren't quite prepared to love. That inspired me to do this paranormal artwork project. It'd been in my head for years.


To make it reality, I used solely Fiverr artists. I wanted people from all over the world to be involved. But this was a challenge because it was all done online and there was somewhat of a language barrier. Unlike Rod Serling, I did not have the advantage of a story tied to each work – it had to be strictly of the paranormal or else it wouldn't fit the collection. Occasionally, I'd misjudge one's ability to produce what I needed. Not every piece made the cut. So what you see here is the best and if you'd like to know more about the artist, clicking on their name will bring you to their seller's profile.


With that said, welcome to my paranormal world.

Blue Dragon

Hamdan Mubarokah


Danse Ardente

Elen Vera


La Catrina Tatuada

Enrique Pablo


View of Draugr

Daniel Mazur



Andriy Dankovych


Through the Keyhole

M.F. Paris


Forgotten Tombstone

A. Niluka Priyadarshani Arabage

Sri Lanka

More to come ...