Paranormal Pulse of the Nation

% of Americans who believe in


34%    GHOSTS
54%    ALIENS
41%    ESP
21%    BIGFOOT
77%    ANGELS
21%    WITCHES


SOURCES: Live Science, Washington Post, Destination America and CBS News


Profile of an Experiencer

The average experiencer typically has one or more of these characteristics:


AB- or O- blood type
some Jewish or Native American ancestry
speaks English
high IQ
scores high on empathy
deeply introspective
leans Democrat
lives in an ambiguous or threatening environment
has trauma in their past or recent loss
unaffiliated with any particular religion


SOURCES: Pew Research Center, ExoPolitics, Psychology Today and Open Psychology Journal

Ghostly Figures

1 in 4 Americans claim to currently live in a haunted house.


29% claim to have had an experience, either as a crisis apparition or a visitation dream, with a friend or relative after they've passed away. 


When a spouse is involved, that number rises to 50%.


Psychology Today considers this phenomenon to be normal and a healthy coping mechanism. 


Once murder or suicide occurs in a building, it is then called “stigmatized property”. In many cases, the market value drops 15% - 25% for the first three years after the event before it slowly recovers. It can also take 50% longer to sell.


10050 Cielo Drive, otherwise known as the house where Sharon Tate and others were murdered by the Manson family, sold at full market value after 20 years. 


62% of Americans said a murder or suicide would not dissuade them from buying their dream home. 


Of all types of property, Victorian houses are most associated with being haunted. 


SOURCES: Deseret News, Destination America, Psychology Today, Home Guides and Curbed

Out of This World

More women than men believe in ghosts and astrology but men tend to believe in aliens; about 30% of American men believe that aliens have visited Earth in the past. 


In order from highest to lowest, the states with the most number of UFO reports are: CA, FL, WA, TX, NY, AZ, PA, OH, MI and NC.


And yet, your greatest odds of seeing a UFO are in SD where 1 in 11,200 report one. 


UFO reports peak in spring and summer due to people being outdoors more often and skies being clearer. 


And yet, alien abductions peak in November. (for exp. Travis Walton and Granger Taylor)


Your overall chances of being abducted by aliens are 5 - 6%.


39% of abductees have green eyes; 36% have blue. These numbers are much higher compared to what the overall population actually has. A mere 2% of Americans have green eyes; 17% have blue. 


Those with blood types AB- and O- are preferred. 


Your chances for abduction drop to nearly zero once you hit age 40. (maybe due to lack of fertility)


According to, 40,000 Americans have purchased alien abduction insurance.


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On the Trail of Bigfoot

Americans are about as likely to believe in bigfoot as the Big Bang theory, so says the 2014 Chapman University Survey of American Fears. 


According to the 2007 Baylor Religion Survey, 16% of Americans believe that bigfoot “absolutely” or “probably” exists.


In order from highest to lowest, the states with the most sightings are: WA, CA, FL, IL, OH, OR, TX, MI, MO and GA. Only Hawaii has none.


According to Viewfinder, the best towns in each of these states in which to expect a bigfoot sighting are as follows (some tied): Carson, WA; South Lake Tahoe, CA; New Smyrna Beach, FL & Ochopee, FL; Edwardsville, IL & Carlinville, IL; East Liverpool, OH; Cave Junction, OR & Cascade Locks, OR; Alice, TX; Seney, MI & Beulah, MI; Ellington, MO & Branson, MO and Helen, GA.


Arizona has its own kind of bigfoot called the Mogollon Monster.


The BFRO estimates there are 2,000 to 6,000 bigfeet in all of N. America (including Alaska and CAN).


Unless it's one of the Nephilim or a fully human giant, a 9'6" skeleton found in Klamath, OR is the best evidence of bigfoot. 


Fred Jancat has the distinction of being the only person in the world thought to have been attacked and killed by a bigfoot. 


Sykes and Sartori of the Museum of Zoology in Lausanne, SWZ welcome hair samples and other evidence believed to come from a bigfoot or any other cryptid for the purpose of a forensic exam.


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