qalupalik alt. qallupilluk pl. qalupaliks – a mermaid of Inuit mythology with green skin, long hair and overgrown fingernails that snatches away children who wander too far from their parents and brings them to live peacefully among other qalupaliks


qi – in traditional Chinese philosophy, the vital life force that flows through one's body [Chinese “breath”] SYN chi, anima, psyche


qilin sing. and pl. – an ox/dragon creature of Asian mythology said to appear at the arrival or passage of a sage (such as the birth of Confucius) or some illustrious ruler; a symbol of protection, good luck and longevity, somewhat like the gargoyle of European mythology; a symbol of fertility, which has been depicted in art as bringing a baby home to a family SYN kirin, gilen, girin, k lân


qiqirn – a large balding dog spirit of Inuit mythology that causes seizures if one gets too close to it SYN quiquern


Qliphoth alt. Qlippoth, Qlippot, Qlifot – the representation of evil spiritual forces in Jewish Kabbalism; metaphoric hindrances to the understanding of the true God; a collection of mystical worlds or entities [Hebrew qlippah “peel, sheel, husk”] SYN Kelipot, Sitra Achra


quadraphobia – the fear of the number four, significant because the Chinese fear it and avoid its use due to their word for “four” sounding very similar to “death” exp. the fourth floor may be labeled as the fifth floor and given a corresponding elevator button


quartz – SiO2; a common mineral that some believe possesses supernatural qualities such as magic, healing and attraction of spirits exp. crystal balls are made of polished quartz [Polish kwardy “hard”] SYN crystal


Queen Elizabeth Hotel – a hotel in Montreal, CAN whose resident ghost, the Lady in White, roams the halls; guests report being touched and pushed, hearing voices, knocks, footsteps and bangs, experiencing cold spots and feeling like they're being watched SYN Fairmont “The Queen Elizabeth”, Le Reine Élizabeth


Queen Mary Hotel – a former ocean liner turned hotel and tourist attraction, permanently moored at the bay in Long Beach, CA, that is claimed by hundreds over the years to be haunted by various ghosts; this includes a little blond girl that haunts the pool, a man who was crushed to death by a mechanical door and a patron who stayed in Room B340 SYN RMS Queen Mary


querquetulana pl. querquetulanae – one of the Roman nymphs of sacred oak exp. Diana [Latin “tutelary of the oak trees”] SYN dryad, oread


Questing Beast – a dragon of Arthurian legend; a symbol of the incest, violence and chaos that destroys Arthur's kingdom; a mythological variant of the medieval view of giraffes, which they understood to be half camel and half leopard SYN Beast Glatisant, Barking Beast


Quetzalcoatl – the Aztec god of creation; a boundary-maker between Earth and the sky [Mayan “feather-serpent”] SYN Kukulcán


quinotaur – a mythical sea creature mentioned in the anonymously written 7th century French manuscript The Chronicle of Fredegar; a beast said to have fathered Meroveus by raping the wife of the Frankish king Chlodio therefore siring the line of Merovingian kings [Latin quinotaurus “bull with five horns”] SYN Beast of Neptune